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Google Referral
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How funny is THAT? Google will now pay you $20 for each new customer you give them for Adwords heh..

Check out Google Referral

The Google referral program (beta) is for businesses whose customers and visitors include small to medium-sized businesses, and who want to help those companies become more successful by running Google AdWords, or serving ads with Google AdSense. The program works by giving approved sites unique links to Google, then compensating the referring site for passing on a new AdWords advertiser or AdSense publisher.

Basic information on the program here, FAQ here, application form here and Terms and Conditions here.

How you get paid

  1. One of your visitors clicks on the graphic or link and is taken to a Google sign-up page.
  2. That person signs up for an AdWords account or applies to become an AdSense publisher.
  3. Advertisers qualify as completed referrals after they spend $20 with AdWords. Publishers qualify after they earn $75 in AdSense revenue.
  4. Every month, Google calculates the number of completed referrals you have directed to Google.
  5. Once you accrue $100 (five completed referrals) or more, you will receive a check. Google only issues checks once a month (for details, see the FAQ

And guess what? It's in BETA heh...


O dear

HUGE mistake on my behalf. Edited to cover my tracks and protect the innocent from my cock up :)

Can't see this as a way of getting rich on AdSense

Sheesh, $20 per Publisher paid when that account earns $75 in commission.

So I split my larger URL's, set up separate accounts with mailing addresses, and have the hassle of bank charges for smaller cheques.

No doubt a reader of TW has already made a fortune by automating the process, but give G vet new AdSense accounts by hand, it does not seem to be worth the effort :-)

AdWords option may be a better bet !

Adwords and Overture market still has huge room to grow

Congrats to Google for beta testing something that Overture has already been doing. The amazing thing is that there is still huge growth possible. Just open up a phone book and the vast majority of companies advertising in the yellow pages do not advertise online. They are generally smaller shops with little or no internet presence. But at $20 a referral you can set up a free one page businss card site for these companies and then get them to start an adwords or overture campaign. If this is not enough for you try to upsell these companies by adding a $30 charge for submitting to 100 search engines (because we all know how useful submitting to 100 search engines is) :).

Bank Account?

Notice they ask for your bank account?

Maybe they are using this to test bank transfers. It's been one of the most requested things for Adsense.

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