Michael Arlington of TechCrunch Admits to Being a Digg Spammer


What is this world coming to when legitimate and respected online publishers like Michael Arlington of TechCrunch publically admit to having sock puppet accounts at Digg
Digg Hits 1 Million Registered Users

Congratulations to Digg, which announced that they’ve had a million accounts registered at at the site (at least ten of which are mine :-) ).

screen shot for archiving purposes.



lol, didn't the exact same thing happen when Myspace reached 1 mil users?

Only 10?

It will be interesting to see what happens when this hits the front page.

Or maybe with 10 accounts to bury it he will kill the story.




The Truth of the Matter

Looks like quadszilla got to the truth of the matter Digg Hits 750,000 Sock Puppets

nice pic

nice pic, quadszilla. It's simple, conveys the message and doesn't involve any reading.

(If you put that pic up on it's own page with no text it should get lots of diggs :) )

Yahoo! gives weight

to sites added as content to MyYahoo home pages. One of the quickest ways to get Yahoo! juice is to add your sites to "all" your Yahoo! accounts.
Never heard the phrase 'sock puppet' in referrence to the practice, funny.

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