Yahoo & Google Duke it out over Flickr

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Why It's Pouring VC Cash
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Check out this little interesting snippet in the Business2.0 story threadlinked above about Google and Yahoo wanting both to buy the immensely popular Flickr photo sharing site based on folksonomy tagging

The forecast for entrepreneurs during the next few months? It'll be raining -- cash. Consider Flickr, a popular photo-sharing-meets-social-networking site based in Vancouver, British Columbia. When it went live a year ago, it attracted plenty of notice and even pulled in a few angel investors, such as Excite co-founder Joe Kraus. But that's nothing compared with the torrent of offers it's entertaining now. Google and Yahoo want to buy it outright, while venture capital firms are flooding it with all kinds of creative proposals. "We get four or five calls a week from VCs," says Stewart Butterfield, who co-founded Flickr with his wife, Caterina Fake. "We even had a health-care fund call recently. I guess they wanted in on the excitement."

Doesn't say where he got that info of course but speculation on at least Google buying Flickr is nothing new and it makes perfect sense for either company. Lets face it though, if Google get it we'll just end up with another half finished beta...

nice catch om!


I thought I started it, but...

...apparently, I wasn't the first person to hypothesize a fit between Flickr and Google. That said, I do think it was indeed my blog posting that set off the recent firestorm. :)

Re: Yahoo being the purchaser... that originally struck me as counter-intuitive for many reasons. Google has Picasa. Google is the search firm that's been buying up all the smart young innovative startups: Blogger, Picasa, Keyhole, etc.

But then I think... hmmm, Ask bought Bloglines. Yahoo bought Oddpost. And maybe Google has their hands full at the moment? :D

Still, I think Flickr'd fit better with Google than with Yahoo. But I've been surprised in the past.

And with that said -- if Yahoo does buy Flickr, then I also expect that they will concurrently or very-soon-after buy or build a complementary offline graphics offering (ThumbsPlus, ACDsee, etc.). An online photo sharing site needs, IMHO, a corresponding offline tool.

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