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Search Engine Spam - Query on MSN
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I've spent a little time this evening talking to some of the better er... enthusiastic link hunters out there about how to game the new MSN

"Just get links, from wherever is convenient"

Know what? It's easy, way too easy in fact. One professional search spammer told me "Just get links, from wherever is convenient" - it turns out that MSN's links are not weighted in any way like links are in Google and Yahoo, you can just go right out there and get the links you want, with the exact anchor text you want and be ranking for your terms in a very short space of time.

Also, they either have no duplicate content filter, or it has a major flaw - you can copy any page you like (provided you have the site owners.... ack, who am i kidding?) and providing you get more links coming into that page than the other guy, you win.

Is this the best start for MSN?

Ok, so i know MSN is new, and this is a v1 search tech but surely the fact that a child could game it is not good for MSN? The default homepage of a Windows install is still MSN if i've been informed correctly so there's plenty of incentive for people to want to rank now rather than "when it kicks in" right?

The interesting question for me though is this: If it's very easy to game, which it is, will users actually notice the fun and games search marketers are having with the new engine? After all, there's little point in spamming away like mad to rank for shoes if your site is about venezuelan beaver cheese is there?

Anyone care to offer thoughts on the new Mickey Mouse algo from MSN?


It is crap

I can't believe this is their star product they have been talking about or ages! They are just hoping the public will not notice. I have seen some people talking about how much they like it. While their bot indexes links quickly which is good, it also uses all of them and does not discriminate. What a piece of shit!


Those searches you pointed to at MSN have pretty good results. Are they spammable - yes. But, they index fast and furious and everywhere - they are, by my estimation 4-5 X faster than Google at indexing pages.

Correcting the algo is a much easier task than upgrading their ability to crawl. I predict that 1 year from now, their results will be at least as good if not better than Google.

There are 3 viewpoints to con

There are 3 viewpoints to consider whether a search engine is good or not.

#1. The Search Operator (Microsoft in this case)

The search operator has to have enough visitors using the engine and continuing to use the engine to enable it to sell adverts to those that can't, or don't wish to, optimise their sites for the index.

Advertising is the current and standard search engine business model.

In this case you can't fault MS's previous experience in building a huge following with a mediocre product that is bettered with each iteration.

IMO MSN Search Algo V1 is more than good enough to ensure income will be generated and a loyal user base built.

#2. The average searcher.

At present the results are clean enough (not perfectly spotless but overall pretty clean), in a pleasant enough looking page and easy to use. When the results aren't "too great" the ads help a lot and allow a human touch to ensure relevancy.

The brand and marketing behind MS will ensure this is considered the "safe choice" for the average searcher. "We use (a pirated version of) Windows because everyone else does and although we don't like the monopolistic nature of Bill Gates, we don't think he'll allow us to do anything too stupid with our computers and that includes going to sites in the interweb thingymabob!" or similar is a conversation I can imagine happening the world over.

#3. A webmaster.

Hell yeh, we love it! Well as an SEOing site operator I do anyway. For those that don't like it then they won't be bothered one way or the other as they aren't too bothered about rankings anyway.

When all is said and done this is the single most important day in search since 1996

one year from now is a lot of

one year from now is a lot of incentive to acquire 'the easy money' as it were. Its a yuppie index, all about the flash business cards and gel'd hair and glossy look, without paying any attention to the actual content.

A delicious test of MSN's weird world: search for 'asdf' in both MSN and google. MSN has some pretty erroneous pages listed for it.

blog spam

I don't think MSN weighs ALL links the same b/c most of the blog spam sites I see in Y! are not ranked in Msn. Blog spam seems less effective whereas other types of spamming seems to work with MSN.

And what's up with coming up for competitive searches on pg 3?


When all is said and done this is the single most important day in search since 1996

Yahoo dropping google's listings was pretty important.

Yup Yahoo dropping G was a hu

Yup Yahoo dropping G was a huge day, but I think this has eclipsed it.

Yahoo isn't the default home page on the majority of PCs the world over.

True indeed

Good point Jason.

I guess one could counter that MSN isn't the most visited site though either. And a counter-counter would be MSN + hotmail ( would be. Why am I talking still... :-)

Early days

Early days

Some good P.R focused at the end consumer, a sizeable index and an agressive spider with regular database updates (new sites being displayed) will get them back in to the market place. Bear in mind, that it wasnt long ago that they were contracting someone else to supply their search results. I think that they have made giant strides and that their expectations arent short term.

One cant argue against the fact that their algo is easy to game at the mo but they can work on this. Heavy weighting applied to anchor text and a bit applied to the title - easy to manipulate. They need to change some values in their algo query string which Im sure they will continue to tweek.

I agree with Jason - someone with muscle and money has entered the search arena and its a big move. Far from the finished product but lets see whose who in 24 months time.


MSN seems easier to SEO for - but so long as it's relevant content being listed then isn't that the important thing?

The limited areas I've looked at don't look bad, and I've been able to find important information quickly. So far so good.

It don't like my Dogs site

It's finding my dogs site's links but the sites ranking for its' primary search term is 12 site's lower than Google or Yahoo! Wonder what that might mean Mr. Comment?

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