Is Google Moving Beyond Search to "Discovery"?


I saw this little nugget on a blog written by the head of staffing for online sales and operations at Google. I wondered if it revealed thinking inside the Googleplex about what it is Google ought to be doing:

". . . [W]e are moving from the Search Era (everything available with the right query or question; a la Google search) to the Discovery Era (the right information served up to you before you ask based on complex algorithms, collaborative filtering, and historical data; a la the Netflix Prize or Amazon’s suggestive selling engine) . . ." -

Is Search dead? Are we moving into an era where Google is going to try to answer our own, our personalized, inquiries before we have even fully formed them in our own minds? Is this what the bright minds are talking about in the Googleplex as they try to figure out how to move the behemoth forward to the next era on the net? If Google is moving beyond inquiry driven results toward suggestions driven by collaborative filtering and personalized browsing history, what does that mean for SEO?


Surprise me

An engine can't predict what I need right now so search will always be there. Amazon rarely shows me anything I want because of the strange friends and family purchases I make. It thinks I am a 7 year old marylin manson fan.

'Discovery', eh?

Is that what they're calling AdSense for Domains now?


>> It thinks I am a 7 year old marylin manson fan.

Nice one! :-)

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