Google AdWords testing yellow background on ads above the search results


As it was enclosed in JenSense blog as Jen spoke wioth Dave, that Google is testing yellow background on ads above the search results. Instead of the usual blue background you usually see with AdWords above the search results, these ads had a yellow background.

I think this background likely will perform better than the blue, as I suspect the AdWords team is testing this color as a test to see if "banner blindless" has begun to take place with the blue, and as you can see in the screenshot, yellow looks dramatically different from the blue, and I am pretty sure it draws more eyeballs when it is seen

Check out:


Seen lots of variations recently

Different font sizes, bold / not bold, images / text etc etc


i saw this about 3-5 months ago.

i must've been a guinea pig.

It's just a matter of time

It's just a matter of time before the "ads" are in the search results.

The money is the king..

I think that evan if they decide to indtroduce that kind of layout, they will change it shortly. The only reason the ads above search results are so effective is that not many people are aware that they are sponsored results. The more visible it is, the less effective it is going to be.

I've also seen Green & Pink recently

There have always been occasional tests with different adwords colours. Green and Blue seem to be the majors. The yellow I've never seen before.

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