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Google Is Now A Domain Registrar
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scroll down to 895 - it seems Google are now a fully licensed domain name registrar, what could this mean? Get out of sandbox with a GOOG domain name buy? heh...


I can imagine the following p

I can imagine the following post appearing on the Google Blog sometime soon.

Get your domains from us. We won't charge for the domain as long as you credit your Adwords account with at least $6

From memory the whoelsale cost of a domain is $6. This is a very cheap way to get new customers and a canny move in my opinion. If I am right and G go this route then I take my hat off to them. If I am wrong and G read this and think "cor blimey, what a great idea J", then I won't say no to a few shares as a thank you present :)

Google is a Domain Name Registrar

Based on the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers's most recent list of domain registrars, Google is a licensed domain registrar (see number 895). NickW mentions that it is one of the ways to get out of the sandbox,...

Wonder if this means they can

Wonder if this means they can read domain name registries that are listed as 'private' entities. Like the GoDaddy domains.

Domain names go with...

... web hosting. Google have got 100k servers and a load of server admin expertise, right? Here's the offer: 100% guaranteed uptime with your site being served from a Google cluster so if one machine goes down, others will take up the slack.

Sounds a possibility?

>read domain name registries

That sure would be one way to put the kai-bosh on the domains by proxy workaround.

if I understand the system co

if I understand the system correctly (and I am far from an expert on this) becoming a domain registrar won't give access to private domain registrations.

When you register a domain there are 2 pieces of information that are pertinent. The beneficial owner and the registered owner.

The beneficial owner is the legal owner of a domain name and may be different from the registered owner. The registered owner is the person or entity that is shown in the Whois information. As long as the registered owner passes on all requests, complaints etc there is no breech in the registration rules.

The services that Go Daddy and others undertake are legal in so much as they are a contract between the beneficial owner and the registrar. The registrar is simply offering a value added service where they undertake the role of the registered owner and will pass on all communications to the beneficial owner.

This is no different to your accountant becoming a director in your company on your behalf.

Because of this the information that is available to other registrars is no different to that which is available to you and me. The contract between the beneficial and registered owner is seperate from the domain reg process (although it happens seamlessly) and as such as court order would be needed to obtain details if the registrant chose to not divuldge the information.

Google Is Now A Domain Registrar

According to the list of ICANN-accredited registrars, Google is now a domain registrar. The fast-growing search provider is approved to sell names in seven top-level domains (TLDs) including .com, .net, .org, .biz., info, .name and .pro.



Looks like The Register spoke to Google and got a little more info out of them:

The reason it paid a $2,500 application fee and $6,500 to cover six top-level domains is that it "wants to get a better understanding of the domain name system [and so] increase the quality of our search results". The email address it gives with relation to its new registrar status is


blanks around?

Thats... peculiar that they are number 895 and 891 - 900 (less 895 obviously) are 'unassigned'.
Anyone want to come up with a conspiracy theory? ;)
There are no other 'unassigned' blocks.
Most odd!

Google's Reasons For Becoming A Domain Registrar

I have been reading discussions about Google becoming a domain registrar. After this article I decided I wanted to write about it. Everyone is speculating as to why Google would become a registrar. Well, why not? I'm going to put this issue in the...

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