Google's Accounting Practices - Is it a Bad Data Push or an Algo Update


Pardon me for showing a bit of impish delight when Google's having a bit of problem getting the SEC to see things their way when it comes to how accounting and taxes need to be paid Google defends tax-accounting practices | CNET

The SEC has expressed concerns about "various issues with respect to our public filings, including our provision for interim period effective," Google said in its filing. The dispute has been batted back and forth seven times between Google and the SEC, most recently on January 30.

In this most recent filing, Google admitted that the two sides are at an impasse. "We have not resolved the comment," Google said in the filing. "We believe that we properly account for our income taxes. We will continue to work to resolve these comments with the SEC."

Maybe in an effort to provide better results to it's shareholders, Google decided to give the data coming from it's accounting department some personalization since they demonstrated a clear preference for higher profits in the past, heh


Love it. . .

Hate to pile on but. . . Not sure if the SEC or the IRS care about SERPs. . :)

Is there a problem with TW's

Is there a problem with TW's feed? I just realized that I haven't seen any TW posts in Google Reader in... I don't know how long. Nobody else was discussing TW in their feeds, so it didn't strike me until now.

Ah, the feed moved to
Okay, that makes sense.

feed update

A notice went out in the feeds sometime this week.

soo is this news

Any large company will have disagreements with the taxman - I remember when BT as part of a move to new posh offices said we will provide free tea and coffee - to stop the messy and un hygienic mess that the average kitchen was.

The tax man said are that’s a taxable benefit so we wil charge tax – which didn’t go down well.

Funnily enough a few months later the CFO introduce a PRP scheme that cost the tax man a fair few millions.

>Any large company will have

>Any large company will have disagreements with the taxman

The ole plex spin machine > /. > WMW > spin alteration

The issue has nothing to do with the TAXMAN it has to do with the SEC and how the smart guys are reporting tax liabilities, typically when the SEC comes knocking its about your honesty in reporting earnings to shareholders.

And NO, most major companies don't have ongoing SEC issues, its a major red flag for seasoned investors.

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