Hyperlinkage - a Budding Competitor to Bloglines?

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Hyperlinkage is a little like Bloglines only it has less cool features but a much smarter interface - it's very young though - apparently still under development.

Certainly worth keeping an eye on but some questions that immediately spring to mind:

  • It gathers feeds when you want them, not every hour like bloglines - if it gets popular that'd be a big bandwidth/load balance concern im guessing.
  • Where's the biz model?

Im not sure if this is just "someones site" or a funded project but it does look like it has potential and i love the way you can simply get all your feeds in order but mixed.. er what i mean is, i subscribed to the threadwatch feed and the library stuff feed and all the stories came up at once but in timestamped order - neat. You can also get them individually.


re: Hyperlinkage

Hyperlinkage certainly started as just "someone's site", and you are quite right to note that it's a developing project. I've had the system online for several months, but the user base is only just gathering momentum. Now that it has, I'm looking at ironing out the bugs and progressing with new features.

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