FeedBurner's security fizzles


If you are logging into your FeedBurner account from a network, anyone else on that network could be logging in as you too:

Here’s what happened again today (YES, I said AGAIN), I go to work, log into the network, and check all my stats everywhere (Google Analytics, Adsense, etc). Eventually, I get to my Feedburner stats and they look odd, not like they did here, but like my stats are all weird stuff…much lower…man..what happened last night…everything is off…

Then I noticed I was in someone elses FeedBurner account!?

That about says it all. I'm just glad they aren't running PayPal.

Here's the full scoop.


i once had someone else's contact info...

... in my account's profile area, incl. their social security number. What's funny is that I actually KNEW the guy who's contact info they had, now the X out all except the last 4 digits of the SSN there; but that was a pretty big security faux pas.

that's not good at all

I was sort of hoping this issue was isolated to the one instance....ugh.

I hope more firms would take

I hope more firms would take data security and privacy as their first priority right from the start instead off sometimes having the atitude of "We will fix it if something comes up"

FB is going to look into it

they replied to the original thread, at least they are listening.

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