Linux Smartphones gain Traction with Motorola Rollouts

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Motorola set for Linux smartphone barage in 2005
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The Linux Smartphone is, by the look of it, about to happen in a large way - Motorola have just announced thier intention to put out 8-10 linux Smartphones this year - although no linux based phones are available in the US right now, it's sure to follow as the light slowly dawns that linux = cheap and linux = good

According to the DigiTimes, Linux smartphones already account for more than 10 percent of Motorola's sales in China. China is the world's largest market for mobile phones, and Motorola is a top mobile phone vendor there.

Motorola Linux smartphones available in China today include the E680, A768i, and A780. Jim Ready, the CEO of MontaVista, which supplies the Linux-based OS used in smartphones from Motorola, NEC, and Panasonic, said in an interview in May, "[Motorola's] ability to pop out three phones based on the same OS is making people in the industry say 'Oh sh*t, how'd they do that?'"

Nice. Being a linux enthusiast it warms my cold black heart to think that by the time i get round to actually getting some kind of decent phone i might be able to get a decent OS on it heh..

thanks om



Twenty new Linux cellphones on the way, says software maker

Trolltech announced today that more than fifty companies are currently developing or shipping Linux-based devices using its Qtopia graphical application platform software, including more than twenty mobile phones. These successes signal "a surge in the market for handsets built on the popular open source Linux operating system," the company says.

"We think that 2005 is going to be a real breakout year for Linux on cellphones," Trolltech CEO Haavard Nord told "There seems to be a huge interest in Linux. Linux is just now getting mature for the market."

Motorola has already been shipping Linux phones in China, and has achieved its initial objectives there, according to Nord. "We expect that in 2005, Motorola is going to start shipping Linux phones outside of China,"

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