Pro Golfer Sues Education Consultants Over Wikipedia Profile Edit


Josef Silny & Associates is being sued by Pro golfer Fuzzy Zoeller for Vandalizing his profile.

"Courts have clearly said you have to go after the source of the information," Sheftall said. "The Zoeller family wants to take a stand to put a stop to this. Otherwise, we're all just victims of the Internet vandals out there. They ought not to be able to act with impunity."

Wikipedia, which describes itself as "the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit," leaves it to a vast user community to catch factual errors and other problems.

The paragraph in question has been removed, but the information has been picked up by other websites. The lawsuit said it alleged Zoeller abused drugs, alcohol and his family with no evidence to back up the statements. The derogatory information was first added in August 2006.

According to the lawsuit, the profile was last "vandalized" on Dec. 20 from a computer with an Internet address assigned to Josef Silny & Associates.





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thanks nffc :-)

Who's got a beef?

So do we just have some rougue employee who's got a beef about the racial comments (quicktime link) Fuzzy made? I don't see much motive for the educational consultants to target him in a concentrated effort. That said the wikipedia profile is pretty active.

Otherwise, we're all just

Otherwise, we're all just victims of the Internet vandals out there.

Well, at least they said "vandals" and not SEOs.

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