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Hottest Branding Trends for 2005
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Nick Wreden has posted his branding trends predictions for this year, they include:

  • Performance-based compensation - a la P&G in 2000
  • Enhanced customer connectivity
  • Social Branding
  • Universe is the brand - like product placement
  • Blogs, wikis and RSS

Good reading on each point on Nick's post linked above...

Anyone care to make bold and or wild predictions for the future?



will become as important to a Web site as metatags

Meaning "not at all"? ;O)

Performance based comp - clever, tightly financially controlled companies have always wanted this, but also companies with noddy marketing bods and a blame culture who want to have a get out clause if they cock up. Read "your marketing sucks"

Customer connectivity, blogs and social - anyone say "cluetrain"?

Product placement - nowt new here, move along, nothing to see ;O)

Branding trends

Brands will no longer just mass advertise. They will concentrate on specific niches. Micro-marketing. In doing so, they will develop a closer bond with their customer.

This all starts when the brand can maintain contact after or during their store visit. Once you walk out the store, the brand loses contact with the consumer.

There are technologies available that allow one-on-one interaction bypassing the retailer...thats a big trend coming for brands.


Product placement done wrong. Very wrong.

Branding placement gone wrong

While watching The Apprentice, I saw Hewlett Packard, Target, and Yahoo Local placed in the show. Dont know if the Yahoo Local service was planned to coincide w/ the new SMS service new yesterday though.

What I also hear is that Donald tried to get advertisers to place ads on the back of Melania's wedding dress. In addition to having advertisers paid for all of the apparel, he figured he could make a couple bucks on the side too.

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