Google Adwords API Live to the Public


After much talk about the new Adwords API the the Beta is Finally available to the public! - What, another Beta i hear you cry? Surely not...

Just got the email:

Additional Coverage

Here's a list of the better coverage out there:

Thanks Jake for letting me butcher his original post :-)


I must say I am in love. I

I must say I am in love.

It can mean I can throw away my complex WWW::Mechanize code and automate, in a much simpler manner, the gathering of info.

I've been playing with it for about 10 mins and am over the moon on the quality, speed and thought that has gone into this.

I still need to keep some of my home grown Adwords tools though as the API doesn't support all areas I want.

Google AdWords API

In beta, of course and as mentioned before, the Google AdWords API is now available. I did not mention earlier, that Overture has an API, not sure if its free. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the tech...

Google AdWords API Beta

Google launched their free betGoogle AdWords API system.