May have hit the content Mother Lode


Well, maybe not the Mother Lode, but certainly the possibility of a rich vein worth prospecting. A well-liked sub-department of the US Government writes, for the lack of a better description, lifestyle stories that relate to their duties. (Yes, there is at least ONE well-like sub-department within the US gov though, admittedly, it may be the only one.)

Somehow, my site was added to their distribution list and I just received a high-quality, professionally done article and accompanying photographs (with releases from their non-gov source). Even better, it's dead on-target for the site's theme. While I've worked with a number of commercial publications as well as local community representatives to develop content this is the first time I've been tapped by a federal group that can & do "pour it on" when they want to do so. I know we have some content writers and developers here, any tips for keeping a US Gov content contributor happy?



I would say that you wouldn't have been picked if you didn't know what you were doing. How are they (us government) any different from any other client? Sounds like this is right in your wheel house.

Is this part of the conspiracy test? ;)


>> any tips for keeping a US Gov content contributor happy?

Contribute to their political campaign. ;)

Well, up until this one,

Well, up until this one, I've never put up anything that wasn't negotiated on an article-by-article basis with the author. This one just came via email pre-packaged and ready to go up. Mostly, I'm looking for tips for working with a writer group that has staff, department heads, etc. Protocol, I guess. I've been winging it all these years, relying on my good ol' boy manners --that probably won't cut it with this group.

use the linkedin force Luke

use the linkedin force Luke

It's all about feathers

The best way to keep these folks happy is to publish the sucker. Send them a link so they can count it as a feather in their collective cap.

You need content, they want feathers. Ask for more, ask if they can massage some stuff specifically for you, suggest a story idea. As long as they can count feathers they thrive on this.

Send them

Send them a nice gift basket full of wine and cheese or chocolate. Chocolate always works. Then publish it and mention them by name if possible (first name only works great) so that they become famous. Better yet, just make them famous.

geez, bill

>nice gift basket full of wine and cheese or chocolate

I just want their articles and photos, not to screw them, hhh.

Maybe the boss. Totally out of my interest categories, though. I'll dig around.

OK, I did the reply. Told them the site averages 10k pageviews a day --they already know it relates to their topic-of-interest. That much came as a knee-jerk reaction from the good-ol-boy training but I'll admit that I'd not thought of making the staffer look good for benefit of his boss. I'm used to appealing to an author's desire to promote their works --similar, but not quite the same spin. Good points.

xtreme fishing analogy

OK, last night I tied a 1-inch nylon rope to a horse shank and the gunwale rail, then dropped it over the side of the dingy. This morning, there were already fins in the water --mid-size fins, 8-footers, I'd say. So far, so good, the activity around the bait is promising. But I want a Nantucket sleigh ride so I let out more rope, thumped the bottom of the boat with an oar, and chummed for the BIG one. (hhh, Massa says WTH is he talking about???)

Yeah, the 8-footers at the

Yeah, the 8-footers are the ones that do the work. It's the 12- and 13-footers types you want sniffing around, them that know feathers = budget.

Here's a nice rig, comes with it's own feathers.


So, I'm guessing that there is some sort of secret club that these guys hang out in and swap names of publishers who will "put out." While I've replied and thanked each contributor directly, only one author has responded. Yet now the "feed" has mysteriously expanded to 3 organizations that I could only describe as very vaguely related --one federal, one state, and one public non-profit (but each has content that most definitely fits my sites' theme).

If there isn't a secret club, then there has been some sort of recent mass enlightenment of these press-release-style-content-distributors that they'd better start paying attention to the webzines rather than just the traditional print outlets.

Whatever, I'm currently 8,000 words and a stack of free jpegs to the good, so keep it coming.

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