- the Answer to Search?


Jupiter big dog Alan Meckler says that or something like it could be the next big innovation in search:

Just as Google came out of nowhere to trump Yahoo as the first place for search, I have to wonder if or something like it is not about to become the next big thing. To quote Mossberg: " is also a start toward a new search paradigm where the object is to provide real instant information , not just links to pages where the information may, or may not, be found. I urge you to try it."

I don't think it will trump anything, but i could see it, and would like to see it as a tab on Yahoo or Google - I've not used it before but tried a search on my favorite author and i love it!

Wouldn't that be cool as an add on to your favorite regular search engine?


Others Thinks so As Well

and it ROCKS IMO

Apparently others think so too.

As to introducing myself, I will - a bit later today.


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The started doing this just very recently and it ROCKS IMO... Live on Google

From what I see is now constantly Google's "definition" source, e.g. the definition of definition :-) and google

Danny reports that are now being used by google for dictionary definitions. Where do i find/see that?

Yeah Jason, did that then just recently (we reported on it but i can' find it..) moved to an ad sponsored model with

MSN Answerbot and Encarta

I reckon that Msn research team have built something similar and backed with Encarta, this could be a real competitor to Answers. The trick for Msn in my opinion is how they choose to integrate it. If you start getting Encarta/Dictionary results indispersed with the pure search results, it could get messy. They should treat it as a seperate product and position it as such.

Nick - this is an awesome website!

Google Answers

Yeah, im aware of Google Answers - how could one not be?

It's not the same thing though is it? The way does it is far superior i think..

Sorry Nick, You're right.

Sorry Nick, You're right.

Am I mistaken or did GuruNet or Answers not previously provide an "ask a question, pay for answer" business model?

Actually Answers helped me wi

Actually Answers helped me with my favourite British disaster of all time

Did you know it's just had its 20th anniversary! Cor, I was a mere 12 years old when I pined after one of those washing machines

Been around for a while and there are other competitors as well. From memory the ex Psion chiefs set up a system where you had people answer your questions by text message.

Similar philosophy. Directly pay to get answers rather than indirectly pay (via ads) to get possibles