Damn you, Skrenta


I read Battelle's post here and the phrase that immediately came to mind was "I for one welcome our new insect overlords."

(And, yes, I deliberately chose the Marketing & Advertising category for this post.)


5 days ago called it wanted

5 days ago called it wanted its news back ;)

not so much the when

but the who

Every Day is a New Day

I tell my kids this when they have had a rough day and I would tell this to everyone who has aspirations of competing in the search engine ring. I understand where Battelle is coming from when you’re looking at this point in time. However, everyday new and intelligent people enter college and universities all around the world that will (if not while they are in school) come up with concepts that even the likes of Google will think - "Why didn’t we think of that?"

Google has done a good job to date of finding talent at the school level, however the more successful you are, the bigger you are, the more in government you are the more it seems to me that you become "big business" which naturally repels some folk. I remember speaking with a colleague of mine about two years ago about how the honeymoon was close to being over. Google was getting too big and dipping their fingers into too much…some which is controversial to say the least. Google can’t be the little darling anymore and it is no longer that cool tool I used in the 90’s like other geeks.

So, Google is all grown-up now and so must make room for the new innovators who are not too far off. The question is how much longer will Google be able to keep attracting the talent? Despite having free lunches from Oprah’s chef there will be those coming up who want to dethrone Google because of the challenge and / or because Google has become too big and these innovators don’t want to work with “Corporate America” and the bureaucracy that usually accompanies. They say necessity is the mother of invention and in order to compete in this space there is a necessity to be innovative and to not be tied down by “conventional” search technologies or business strategies.

It might repel some

It might repel some folk but its a big world out there so when there is enough cash
involved it will always attract talent

Google can’t be the little darling anymore and it is no longer that cool tool I used in the 90’s like other geeks

And in the software business nothing cool anymore about using Windows, its about domination and G is dominating search like Microsoft is with software.

In the same way MS has made slip ups so has G, in theory no reason why Google video shouldnt have been a huge success.

Still lots to play for and there will be always be more innovation, personally I think with search its harder, as you can see a clear benefit for a Govt in a developing country to choose Open Source versus windows, but for people searching they dont know any better any more "they just google something"

I dont think Google gets "overly" tied down, in fairness it does show the right attitude
giving its engineers to spend time on new projects, hence all the crappy ones we have seen, only bad thing about that is I know at least one of them is working on inserting microchips into all new born children

It will be like "being john malkovich" future generations will just walk around saying "Google, Google, Google" but global warming should fix that problem

Lets embrace our new Insect overlords (I love that line)

I read the above decided I was being crazy so I am now off to the shop to buy some more sugary drinks

Like all big corporations it will...

... attract talent, then systematically abuse it with red tape until it either rebels or, if it has no balls, turns it into another corporate zombie wage slave.

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