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Idiot blogger Mark Jen is back.. sounds like he's altered a whole bunch of his posts but i've not looked yet...

hi everyone, sorry my site has been down for the past day or so. i goofed and put some stuff up on my blog that's not supposed to be there. nothing serious and they didn't ask me to take anything down (even the stuff where i'm critical about the company). i'm learning that google is understandably careful about disclosing sensitive information, even vague financial-related things. the quickest way for me to fix the situation at the time was to take it all down. now i'm back up. just so you know, google was pretty cool about all this. thanks for and sorry for the frenzy of speculation.

You know, there's a nasty, cynical little voice inside my head that keeps crying "Setup! it's a setup!" - this voice argues that PR is a funny old game and messin' with the blogosphere is *easy* - it's no real bad press for Google - but it's a hell of a lot of attention for them on a day when GOOG stock is downgraded...

Paranoid? yeah, maybe...


Sounds more like...

They've sat him down with a gun to his head ;)

But perhaps he's

... not experienced enough to know corporate-speak when he hears it.

Dear Mark...

Dear Mark,

Now we know it's your first week and we understand that it takes a while to settle into a new job. But it seems you have been an itsy bitsy bit silly and gone and posted some stuff on your blog that's just a tad negative and, well, critical of YOUR EMPLOYER.

Now we have a couple of questions for you...

1. Can you cut and paste the attached text (The Google Version of your first week) into your blog?

2. Just exactly how long do you intend to work here at Google (But NOT including tomorrow)?

Now, please close the door on your way out.


HR & Legal Dept.

Hang on

This guy worked at Microsoft. He KNOWS WHAT AN NDA IS. He posted up info about financials. He knew he wasn't supposed to dish facts but he obviously crossed the line and was asked to take them down. Just plain silly mistake. The "critical about G" stuff is still there.

While it seems he was more boosting the company than knocking it, I don't see any conspiracy. It's about bloody time someone in Google discovered blogging (apart from as a sector to buy into). Maybe Apple ought to have a blogger or two.

Fact is, just like GoogleGuy, there will be a limit to what this guy can talk about (and expect him to be even more cautious) so I doubt there will be much of interest outside of human interest entertainment until the next round of press release style posts :O)



lmao - obviously not

just like Googleguy, there will be a limit

I think they lowered GoogleGuy's limit because I have not seen him post anything of value in a very long time. He is just a good lurker. He only posts to say hi and remind us that he is lurking.


Googleguy is an automated AI algorithm. ;)

Error 404

Witty reply not found.


{buzzer noise} "does not compute... does not compute"



Now that was funny! :-)

Got himself a new job at Plaxo

Information Week reports

Mark Jen, the guy who only lasted a few weeks after a controversy over blogging at Google, has landed an engineering job at Plaxo.

And the lad himself writes

after getting quite a few offers, i sat down to consider my options. in the end, plaxo had everything i was looking for and more. as a bonus, they fully support my blogging activities as well - they recognize the power of keeping the door open to the community through blogs.

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