New Google Checkout Icons - These Things Are Huge!


Has anyone noticed the new google checkout icons in the google results? These buttons/icons are so huge it's ridiculous. Seems like Google is trying very very hard to catch up to paypal.

Here's a screenshot:

holy crap!



same vertical... 3 in a row

doesn't that look noisy and spammy from a company that is trying to make it clean and easy to navigate information


Paypal is still kicking their ass, and those big noisy icons look pretty desperate.

Checkout? I was searching

Checkout? I was searching Google for info on payment processors integrated with shopping carts and blog plugins etc. and didn't come across it *at all*.

Lately (due to a project) I've been searching Google for specific items I can buy with specific payment processors (like PayPal, which enables a credit-card-less transaction), and also haven't been reminded of Checkout *at all*.

Does Google need to hire (more) SEO's?


distracting, to say the least.

It does reak of desperation.

It does reak of desperation. From the people I know that have tried Checkout, they all disliked it. Slow processing, not being able to contact the customer about any problems, having charges that should go through be denied, etc.

No, it's good for users.

Have you tried using the competitive ads filter to remove offending vendors?

"distracting, to say the

"distracting, to say the least."

Exactly. Good for the advertiser with it, not so good for those without it.

We all have seen the image tracking hot spots of the Google SERPs and how little spots 4 or 5 and below get (depending on the number of ads on top). These images help to pull they eye over and that can make a significant difference to your CTR. That being said, if your CTR gets higher and your quality is inline you could actually wind up cutting costs on a per click basis, which could (should) lead to more conversions.

You would think after the stink of Google Tips icons that we would have heard more about this from advertisers.

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