Social Media's Got Game with Wii and StumbleUpon


While many people are still trying to get their heads wrapped around social media one of the most under rated players in the game StumbleUpon is getting ready to move onto Wii gaming console. via TechCrunch

I’m no gamer but I love StumbleUpon Video - so tonight’s announcement that the crowdsourced video discovery tool is going to be available on the TV via a customized version made for the Nintendo Wii sounds like great news to me. If you’ve never seen StumbleUpon you should make sure to check it out; the company provides a browser toolbar that takes you to unexpected web pages that fit your interests as defined by your self categorization and subsequent thumbs up and down to pages served up. The combination of personalization and serendipity is addictive.

While it's not for everyone for the right products getting there first before the competition could give you a huge first movers advantage.


I've been getting decent

I've been getting decent traffic from Stumbleupon since it launched years ago. I inserted some affinity sites and as the Stumbleupon community grew so did the referral traffic. Truly a low-maintenance, submit-and-forget slow growth viral experience.

I like that this is where mobile goes first. True everyone has a phone, but then a person with a phone is not unique enough to define community (I use my phone to call other "people who have phones"). The Nintendo DS, the Wii.. people with those mobile devices have community.

T-mobile's SideKick and the iPhone push hard towards phone-holding-community, but is it really strong enough to make it happen? Skype did a good job, and then opened up to "everyone". Will a portable gaming console sans phone be enough?

Apple built devices that people thought screamed who they were to the world. People don't change. That there's some pretty strong affinity juice. Until Apple changed(changes).

How long before Google/Yahoo!/Cisco buys StumbleUpon?

It's amazingly well done.. I

It's amazingly well done..

I figured StumbleUpon would have just resized their site to be better viewed on a TV, but it's completely integrated with Opera on the Wii.

It features full-screen video, and you click the directional pad to navigate:

- left & right change videos
- up and down vote

All of which is completely custom.

And I thought YouTube though the Wii was great, blows it away.

I love to Stumble

I get good results when I stumble, my account has enough juice to send at least a few hundred eyeballs to a site. Whenever someone links to me I stumble them. This rewards the linker with a bit of traffic, plus it sends secondary traffic my way. If the linker has good content other people will Stumble and the more the merrier.

Stumble traffic can be hit and run, but if you have good content it will get read it will get bookmarked, the rss will be subscribed to. The ads may not be clicked, but that is not the only goal that is worthwhile.

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