Is the Weblogs Empire Starting to Crumble


Back in October of 2005 Jason Calacanis sold Weblogs Inc for 20 Million to AOL. Now eighteen months later we see at least 7 Weblogs Inc blogs close up shop, and post no more. Perhaps the most interesting similarity that most of these virtual closings happend between January 30 and February 6th. Has the Blogging Bubble started to pop or is AOL just consolidating and cutting the dead wood ? Epitaphs below:

The winds of change are blowing - The Tablet PCs Weblog
Join us at the Wireless Report - The RFID Weblog
The Digital Music Weblog retires - The Digital Music Weblog
Join us at The Wireless Report - The Unofficial Bluetooth Weblog
AdJab's retirement - AdJab
Final post, Card Squad retiring - Card Squad
Divester's Last Dive - Divester


Looks like a normal housecleaning to me

With any network, you have leaders and underperformers.

A smart exec knows when it's time to stop giving the underperformers "more time"

I'd take their top 3 properties over the remaining 65 or whatever anyday.

Leaders vs Underperformers

It's not always that simple.

Sometimes they just sweep out people they don't like.

Jason who?

Jason who?


you left pvrwire off the list, the only Weblogs Inc blog I regularly read.

Don't Forget

Don't forget about this one.

Aren't the RFID and

Aren't the RFID and bluetooth ones just announcing their merging into the wireless report? This only makes sense, if the niche-niche doesn't perform - move it up to its parent category (wireless), rather than funnel money at a loss-leader. Especially true if there isn't enough news to provide reason for its existance.

DVGuru closed down as well.

DVGuru closed down as well. The primary blogger moved over to camcorderinfo which uses a hacked up version of VBulletin for it's blog. There's not even a feed. Terrible.

With how well some of those

With how well some of those sites rank (in general)on the SE's, I believe they will still recieve traffic and will still generate revenues with no cost as they punted their writers elsewhere making them more profitable?

I also know the Jason instill a "rule" about killing off properties that did not achieve 2 Million page views per month.

Although our editorial

Although our editorial priorities have changed over the nearly three years of operation, we do not remove retired blogs. the SEM blog will remain available as an archive (and not a badly optimized one!). Thanks to everyone for reading.

I think it's called residual income.

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