Neil Patel - The Buzz Princess


The wall street journal has done a article titled the wizards of buzz. It profiles the top people on digg and SMO in general. Neil Patel is the only SEO I recognize of the profiled people.

(Andy's Note: I had to change the title to reflect Neil Patel's widely-used nickname.)



I thought he was the Princess, and now it's Wizard, just can't keep up with Neil's current title.

Regardless, being in the WSJ is very cool.

High Profile

I wouldn't want every Tom, Dick, Harry or SEO hating Digglet crawling through my Digg profile and voting history ...

unless i missed something

unless i missed something neil is the only one who does not disclose his profile ID

good eye, Shoe

and wise decision, Princess ;-)

Now theres a line - Hehe

says Mr. Fuhrer, who has lately also been studying for his bar mitzvah in June.

Lets just hope that he doesn't marry a girl with the surname Mine, take on her surname as well as his own and call his first son Siegfried Heile.

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