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Video Search Goes Mainstream
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Yahoo! are adding a tab for video search to the main search interface shortly and Google have added subdomain today - reported at numerous sources

I must admit to not even having played around with Yahoo's vid search but i hear Jenna Jameson is launching a new wireless ad campaign so i'll probably be doing a little research on that one...

Also, i keep meaning to investigate but it just looks so confusing and if i don't get how to work it within a few seconds i get all upset....

More on Yahoo! & Google Video Search

Now i've managed to drag myself out of bed i find a whole bunch of posts on this stuff, unsurprising. On good topic to talk about is Google dont have actual videos, but Yahoo! do... This from Forresters Charlene Li

My hunch is that this is a way to demonstrate to reluctant studio producers that video search could help them monetize their video content if they make it easily discoverable. Imagine Google partnering with DVR services like TiVo to do one-click recording of future episodes. Yet another is to enable video-on-demand ordering with your local cable provider, where users would pay-per-view to see the episode that aired two weeks ago. Or movie studios could sample a segment from a movie and allow online streaming of just that one section for a fee through partners like CinemaNow or Movielink.


If you keep posting pics like that...

I suspect you'll end up with *a lot* more readers. :-)


Wish I'd thought of that :) launched, googleblog ignores

What comes to mind: ironic, amusing, ridiculous. Reported on Threadwatch: Today google launched

But the last entry on googleblog is from Jan 17: the 'nofollow' posting.

For now, About Google Video explains that what's in the d...

People are getting the wrong idea

A lot of people are getting the wrong idea of Google Video it is not a way of downloading tv shows its for viewing snippets of the text along with still images from the show. So totally different from Yahoo Video

something for the laydees?

that's very sweet that you think of us but I can say with reasonable confidence, on behalf of all the ThreadWatch Girlies, that Ron Jeremy in red PVC won't do the same for us that Jenna apparantly does for you.

Yahoo vs Google

Very different approaches to vids, which is interesting.

I can see the Yahoo! approach getting more webmaster use, though. :)

Google issues a press release

Google issues a press release on Video Search.

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG) today announced the availability of Google Video, a new service that enables users to search the content of television programs from leading TV content providers including PBS, the NBA, Fox News, and C-SPAN, among others. This announcement demonstrates Google's commitment to creating innovative technologies that provide access to a greater diversity of the world's information.


Yahoo's video search is just the same that has been available on since start of the century.

Video Enters the Search Arena

The newest activity in the field of search appears to be combing through videos. Or in some cases, the transcripts of videos.

Google had a debut of their version of video search last night. In what appears to be a well-timed reaction to Google's ...

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