Cold Case file #1: Could J Berg get you in Yahoo?


No clue as to who J Berg was, eh? Well, that's part of the game.


Are you my wife?

Because you're going on about stuff, and I don't have a clue what you're talking about.


ABSO GAWDDAMN LUTELY! I remember she married some suit from Novell and then kind of dropped off the face of the earth when Jim Wilson passed. I hope she is doing well. A smart lady, gave more than she got in return and not hard on the eyes either.

Bob, happen to have a

Bob, happen to have a canceled check for putting SearchKing in there?

No. SK got in for free the

No. SK got in for free the regular way. I didn't need any grease for that one.

By the way, I don't know what she did with anyone else but I didn't pay her to just "put stuff in". What I paid her was for consulting on how to "improve" the sites and after I had implemented whatever changes she recommended, then she would handle the submission so she knew it was being submitted the "right" way. She batted 1000. You couldn't just pay her $150 bucks and get it. I mean JEEZ it wasn't DMOZ.

Me either, I bought a site

Me either, I bought a site that had Yahoo's "Cool Site" sunglasses. But despite all the rumors, I've never heard anyone come out and say, "yeah, i paid her in small bills wrapped with brown paper and twine and -bingo- I was in."

Memory Lane

My favourite place...

Thanks rc

I'm going to lie down in a darkened room now for a while

I may be some time

Yeah, I figure enough time

Yeah, I figure enough time has gone by so that the SEO Statute of Limitations has expired. Mostly, I don't like loose ends.


no question about it; did it for me within an hour of posting in SEF. I also had dinner with her her kid and significant other in Park City in probably 2001... last I heard about/from her.

...but yeah, you wanted to know who started rumors that she was all powerful... people like me:)

ah, dogboy. yes, if anyone

ah, dogboy. yes, if anyone needed to pay to get it, it'd be you, hhh. did you tweak or tune the site, did she make changes? or just submit it to the sweet spot?

oh, wait... for free... no

oh, wait... for free... no cash, just a favor, just one back like in 97? 96? It was so forever ago...

ah, so she slips away once

ah, so she slips away once again.

PAY? Me? PAY for traffic?

PAY? Me? PAY for traffic? heeheheh my good man, I do not PAY for traffic:), she really was free and easy...., she really was free and easy.... Just don't let her know it was me that said it:)

Damn, rc, you're making me

Damn, rc, you're making me feel like a whippersnapper. :)



Yeah, you probably don't remember those Yahoo sunglasses, do you?

Most expensive sunglasses I've ever bought, that's for sure.

About the time

...married that suit...about the same time she left us over at SEF.

DB, not to be a

DB, not to be a conspiracy-theorist or anything, isn't it odd how wayback is wiped clean for those years where she was really active? hhh

Bill, cough it up, WHO paid her to get in Y? Name names ...or rather, name nicks. (no, bad idea)

>not hard on the eyes either.

Really? I never met her, but I always pictured a really, really stern, short, overweight woman with short hair and dagger eyes. I have no clue what she actually looked like, but that was the picture I got in my head when ever I read her posts.

I never had any personal interaction with her, so I can't add anything credible. My MOA had nothing to do with directories back then.

>Really? now maybe I'm not a


now maybe I'm not a great judge, as I am a huge fan of women in general, but she *was* in fact attractive... in a hippy california way. Straight long brown hair. Thin. She home schooled her kid, the whole 9 yards.

But I know what you mean LM... I thought the same before I saw that pic that got sent around (head shot) ...then I think I saw her in Vegas once then that lunch at a steak house in PC.

...but yeah, she really walked the walk. I think she just took herself out of the game to do the family thing.


show me the money!

Yahoo sunglasses

I had those once upon a time, about the same time I was an Ask Jeeves silver platter site, with a whole bunch of awards from other companies that are all now defunct.

[singing] Those were the days my friend...

Wrong Picture

>overweight woman with short hair and dagger eyes.

She was a slim Flower Child

database lost

isn't it odd how wayback is wiped clean for those years where she was really active?

A few years ago we suffered a database loss and err...changed to a new database. We have literally thousands of old posts in the old database but haven't gotten around to getting them imported into the new database that was started around 2001 or 2002.

We haven't purposely removed any posts. I sure would like to get all those posts back in the database. That reminds me...I need to go bug Mr. Cokos about that... LOL

Janet on Janet:

"I am a marketing consultant that is focused on Yahoo, I try to keep up to date on everything going on with them and how it effects the market. My goal is to help small businesses succeed on the internet, and it is my perception that a good listing in Yahoo is the cornerstone of internet marketing. I am equally well versed in AV and Excite, which are 2 others very important to small business, IMHO.

I have no formal connections with any of them."

-Posted by Janet Berg: 10/12/2000 07:05 am

this just in...

...I have the answer from an authoritative source. You DON'T. Sorry.

(Man, this is great. 10 years, it's taken me to get the answer. Now i can go home, quit this internet crap.)

I only know JB from SEF

I only know JB from SEF postings. She was one of the main reasons I stopped hanging out at SEF and switched to WmW.

so close now

will we (publicly) solve this 10-yr old case? Tune in at 11.

>Wrong Picture

Wow, it is amazing how a web voice could be so different from the real thing. Like for instance, when I read your posts MrMackin I think of a crabby old MF who... Oh, wait, I guess I scored on that one.

He's not crabby, more like

He's not crabby, more like downright mean.

Well, Massa was right, she could ABSO GAWDDAMN LUTELY! get you into Y but the money didn't always have to be there, as dogboy says.


but right on LM

BUT at one time her picture was on



yeah, where's Rumbus, he was there... THAT was infamous night we showed up at Emeril's in the Dog Truck, all lit up... You should have seen their faces when we pulled up at the Venetian in the 20 dog hauler and tossed them the keys:)

K. Petterson took us all out for the best bone in rib eye in town... livin life large:)


yeah, that's the one! Google image search didn't yield anything on the one we wanted.

Wow. That was all late-ish

Wow. That was all late-ish '90s. Went through my old bookmarks (in NS4.78; boy, the 'Net looks weird in that!) and found a 1998 article from the Village Voice about NewHoo.

It's fun to read those old

It's fun to read those old conference promos.... on Bob Massa, it says:

His down-home approach is laced with brutal honesty at times while focusing on the lighter side of our industry. His humor and laymen's approach coupled with his experience makes listening to Bob very educational as well as entertaining.

Some things never change?

>did you tweak or tune the

>did you tweak or tune the site, did she make changes?

I made it 'effective' but easy to swallow, and it went in unedited... back then I used to give the editor one glaring unnecessary clause that was 'link bait' so they would easily strike that out (and feel happy they were making the web a better place) without actually mucking up my painstakingly crafted prose... but I gave her the clean version, and that's what's in there to this day.

Same here

She was one of the main reasons I stopped hanging out at SEF and switched to WmW.

Same here.


Yeah, she did have the tendency to put a little bit of herself into almost every active thread at SEF, didn't she. ;)

>> J Berg I know the name,

>> J Berg

I know the name, but I arrived after Labor Day :) I only ever watched SEF as part of the shooting match, really.

If we're taking a stroll down memory lane, who remembers that DMOZ pharm cat, edited by M Anderson?

Hehehe, Internet marketing

Hehehe, Internet marketing conferences anno 2001. Boy! do I remember, those were some crazy times, eh Dogboy? ;)

I remember many of the first conferences and get-to-gethers - they where only visited by a small group of geeks with SEO up their @ss. Haha, I WAS fun though and this very thread proves that the good ole boy network still excists so some extend.

Here's to the days of Yahoo Directory, Altavista, Excite and the power of a Dmoz editor ;)

Whoa, memories

>>>>>stern, short, overweight woman with short hair and dagger eyes.

I pictured her in my minds eye like Mackin in a dress. As a bit of a newb back then, she scared me.

The greatest thing about

The greatest thing about that conference was Jim Wilson. I wish I had taken better notes when he presented his "101 places to get free traffic".

As for Janet, she pissed a lot of people off, (especially in the staff lounge), but I personally always had a great deal of respect for her. She pissed people off because she believed she was helping Jim, she believed in search engines fourms and she she believed she was helping people to learn to use the web better. She was not afraid to speak her mind and she was honest. I truly believe many of us reading this may have had a much different experience with this internet marketing thing had it not been for Janet.

One thing absolutely irrefutable. She KNEW yahoo at a time when knowing Yahoo could make you a lot of money. She defintely had some kind of "in" with the people at Yahoo who made things happen with the directory and she shared that more freely than most of us would in the same position. I think she had that "in" because those people liked her too.

Like I said, I wish her well and miss working with her. Almost as much as Mother.

>one of the main reasons I

>one of the main reasons I stopped hanging out at SEF

can't blame you. She could be a (self admitted) real bitch if she didn't like you, and sometimes that turns other bystanders away as well. But she was actually a cool person... funny, interesting, very intelligent... and as a moderator, very generous with her time.

>those were some crazy times
they really were. I think one of the things that was different then was that we were all making money online and we were getting used to the idea of it. The SEO industry as a whole was becoming aware of itself and we were all riding the boom. Then 9/11. That was like a light switch for some. I think the people that came in later, came in looking around like they would consider any profession. People always underestimate that aspect of it. Now it's like, "hey, I work in this huge internet company in sales and I want to make more money, and it looks like I can get a job down in IT as an entry level SEO, with salary and benefits and vacation..."

Back then it was like standing on the edge of a black chasm and someone saying, "go try and make money... it's never been done before, so we cant say it can be done, or how to do it, or what you'll need to do it... but if you want to try, go right ahead." Then we found each other, and places like SEF were like a life raft, and we shared ideas. Steven Edwards made one of the first cloaking scripts and passed it out and supported it free. I ranked for "free sex" and showed Janet, KP, and a ton of others my code. KP gave me my first stop word dictionary that he compiled. Me and a guy plotted dots on graph paper over the course of 4 months everything we could think to chart on the kws 'tree frog' to pin down the algs on 2 word combos and shared those findings... Janet got me into yahoo... information flowed freely because we all needed it. Now it's different.

>like Mackin in a

>like Mackin in a dress

Damn, pmac, I could have gone all day without that mental image burned into my cortex.

ehheheeh Bob, you snuck a

ehheheeh Bob, you snuck a shorter post in on me... I guess that settles that as to who the bigger windbag still is:) Yeah, you are spot on about her... and Mother:) Trying to keep on Janet though... you know who Janet HATED? 'bannedagain' (aka againbanned and 3 other variations)... remember him?'s funny hearing the old names again

>>'s funny hearing the

>>'s funny hearing the old names

Wait 1, I'll go fetch mivox and Black_Knight :D

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