Rand Proposed on TV


Congrats to Rand...he was the guy behind the Superbowl proposal, and she said yes.


Congrats to Rand and

Congrats to Rand and Geraldine on the news. :)

(Rand's heart-on-sleeve-affability-and-romanticism just makes me feel such a bitter and twisted old cynic. :) )

Congratulations Rand

I wish many years of happiness to you both.

Man some people will do

Man some people will do anything for a link ! ( :P sarcasm people jeesh.. best of luck rand )


You sly dog you ...

Nice one!

Congrats Rand - very creative man.

Way to go Rand ;)

Way to go Rand ;)

Said it there

and will say it here - congrats Rand, very cool!

Awesome! Congrats and best

Awesome! Congrats and best wishes!
Can you have the ceremony at a conference so we all can attend?

Congrats Rand!

Awesome idea

Wedding Bait Practices

Congratulations, now you can add one more website to your network:



Told my wife about it in terms that would trigger her memory so she knew who Rand was, as she only saw him once...

"Hey Honey! Remember the guy with the yellow shoes in Chicago? He proposed on TV!"

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