Apple : Don't upgrade to Vista , could damage your IPOD


IPods could be damaged by Microsoft’s new computer operating system, the company behind the popular digital music players has warned.

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Founders Note:
This is great stuff... I love using tactics like this. There is no way that this is gonna 'damage' your IPOD


Have to switch to a zune

I am throwing out my two ipods and buying a zune.

If only microsoft had marketed this correctly, they could have sold more of these using this scare tactic. BG must be kicking himself over this. Of course, all his money would get in the way.


Anyone else sick of watching those Mac / PC commercials with the two guys?

itunes is an ass backwards

itunes is an ass backwards piece of bloatware.


you say there's no way to damage your ipod but i rtfa...

It [Apple] claims some have found that songs bought on its iTunes Store will not play on the new system, and that other Vista users have even seen their iPods corrupted when they try to unplug them.

are you saying that is just fear mongering and an ipod won't be corrupted?

Frankly Apple

should work on making it compatible. *Next time ill read the article before posting :)

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