What is Google's VoIP Strategy?


When we think of Google, we generally think of the search stuff. But they own/lease lots and lots of dark fiber, have tons of computing power, and would love to own a bigger part of the Voice pie, too.

VoIP News wonders:

Is Google getting set to compete with the telcos – or maybe change voice communication forever? It’s starting to look that way.


I've been wondering what

I've been wondering what they've been up to for awhile. It's not easy to compete with the telcos, they've been around the block a lot more than Google and have their teeth in a lot more congressmen. While I don't know what their plan is, I do know that Rex Grossman sucks.

While I don't know what

While I don't know what their plan is, I do know that Rex Grossman sucks.


Google bought an enormous

Google bought an enormous amount of black fiber after some of the big boys like Broadwing had their problems with the first bubble burst.

I think if you are going to look at this closely you have to consider the opportunity here. All communications will be go over network fiber in the future - every communications device for work and home portable and not. While the actual amount of black fiber they own may not be known when you consider that all of the voice calls for New York city on a business day can be handled through 3 fiber cables the possibilities are endless.

Now turn everything on its head, Google's Modus operandi, and either make it free or cheap that operates on 2 kinds of crazy. Mobile communication devices (prob wont be called cell phones much longer) are free to use on Google's network and the phone hardware is reasonable (no $600 Apple phones) in addition your internet access is free from the house along with VoIP and when you move about through the city/country you are on Google's extensive WiFi network - free.

Google gets more chances to get in front of you pushing ads and in turn increasing ad inventory and new ad possibilities and users become more dependant on their services due to the pricing and convenience. Google becomes a part of everyday life outside of the monitor.

The road ahead looks interesting to say the least.

rex grossman = mark prior

4 years of therapy, and now rex puts me right back at square 1. damn!

This article is a couple weeks old, but I thought it was an interesting insight into this whole google dark fiber game. Basically, it's about the subsciber data/relationship...


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