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Around 5pm today, I noticed a new tab on Google's webmaster tools -- Links. Competing with Yahoo's Site Explorer, or just the same old small subset returned by a link: search?

The standard link: search shows

Results 1 - 10 of about 234 linking to

The External Links item on Webmaster Tools shows 34891

and then breaks it down by page.

There's also an Internal Links item that breaks down links by page, (click the page total to see the list of pages linking to that page).

One thing Yahoo doesn't do: Google shows the last date when the link was found.

Unfortunately, it suffers from one of the same problems as Yahoo's site explorer - you can't easily filter or sort external links by domain. (It also seems a little uncertain whether links refer to or But it appears that now you can download the whole set of links that Google has indexed and run 'em through whatever kind of analysis you want, including comparing to Yahoo and Google's own link: command.


It is new, there's a post about it over at Search Engine Land

Danny has a great post regarding the new features, benefits and limitations, with lots of screenshots.

Notifications of new referrers?

I’ve been using for this purpose for a long time (almost a year I think). have the same features as Google, but also includes an invaluable service to me - RSS feeds. By subscribing to the RSS feed for my own pages I get a notification whenever I get a new link to my page, including a screenshot of the page. And it optionally lets me put the list of referrers on my own page. When can I expect that Google gives me notifications when I get a new referrer?

CSV Exports

The CSV exports is a very nice tool. Should be possible to write some interesting visualizations from that

Not showing more links for me

First off, good article Danny. However, the first 2 websites I checked, one showed many more links and the other showed many less links.

"the amount of links reported will likely be massive compared to the "regular" link lookup command."

This seems to be a random occurrence among websites you are tracking.

Easy come, easy go?

I saw the link tab about 16 hours ago - but they're not showing up any more. The data in of itself was interesting - they included links which contain the nofollow attribute. Maybe they're working on release 2.0 w/o nofollowed links?

antezeta, I think they're

antezeta, I think they're tweaking one small thing. I think it'll be back pretty quickly (maybe later today).

I'm pretty jazzed that we're making these backlinks available. I agree that the CSV export is pretty handy too. :)

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