Microsoft : 'Screw Sun, cross-platform will never work. Lets move on stealing the Java language'


"Screw Sun, cross-platform will never work. Lets move on steal the Java" - Enjoy the PDF file



Reading that it sounds like a couple of clueless developers just bantering. Then you read the signatures and realize it's the Product Manager of Visual J++.

DotNet was another step towards trying to migrate people away from cross-platform development. In some ways, developing with their tools is great, but in most ways it's not - especially when you start thinking about needing to use external libraries (and the costs involved).

Interesting that they don't even trust their own db connectivity packages - that should be the most important package to manage - especially for a language like Vis J.

You have to admit, though, that the Ruby guys, PHP guys, Perl guys, and Javascript guys all have done a much better job at managing cross-platform development than Sun has. Sun makes major changes in minor releases, which makes enterprise implementation of java solutions problematic - especially when you have two pieces of software that have different versioning requirements (like I have for that last 5 years). It gets worse when the vendors issue updates that change those requirements.

I can think of maybe 4 or 5 useful pieces of software that are java-based client-side tools that enjoy pretty close interfaces cross-platform. After all these years, and after all the hype, you would think there would be hundreds.

Typical lawyers scraping the

Typical lawyers scraping the barrel for any muck they can find.

Jeez, imagine if all the "Screw MS" messages ever written were dumped on the court as a counter-defense!


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