Google to offer Voice Over IP?

Rumours are spreading about whether Google are to offer a new VOIP service.

The technology is already in place and software is available should Google wish to move in to the field

Large Corporations are already considering the use of VOIP and the savings potential for them could be huge.

Although Google is reluctant to talk about its plans, the logical use of such a network would be to help to support a new telephone service. The company would buy capacity cheaply, by taking up slack capacity left behind when the internet bubble collapsed in 2001.

Around the world, thousands of miles of fibre-optic cable remain unused because the amount of speculative development vastly exceeded demand. Such capacity would be available at rock-bottom prices today.

Elsewhere in the world, using the internet to make phone calls has caught on more quickly. In Japan 10 per cent of households already use the so-called “voice over internet protocol” and an internet service offered by Softband has 4.4 million subscribers. Its growth has depressed revenues of the local telecom group, NTT.

If Google were to release a service, not only could it damage some of the Large Telecom services, but it could also impact on the industry share of products like MSN Messenger and Yahoo! IM.


Yep - my thoughts are on digi

Yep - my thoughts are on digital media, too. :)

speculation speculation speculation

to paraphrase someone or other.

And of course, calling it speculation doesn't mean it isn't true, just that they aren't prepared to admit it yet ;)

Personally I reckon IPTV is closer to where Google need to be and much more likely to be a short to mid term profit centre (have just spend the weekend TV hunting - they all come with internet connections now). Lots of stuff they could tie in with that perhaps?

SEBasic far far far from your

SEBasic far far far from your bad mate.

IMO this was an excellent story to pick up on.


Oops... My bad...

Google deny entry into VOIP

Google has dismissed as 'pure speculation' a report in The Times today that it is going into the free phone call business

It isn't stated who at Google denied this.

Google VOIP...this could be huge

Google creating their own layer for the Internet. Now if they could just get a NTT DoCoMo service that would allow the physical world to connect to electronic one...
I am baffled at how Goog is able to find enormous markets to tap into daily while MSFT is still sits in the sandbox.

Just for the record I think w

Just for the record I think we were the 1st to say G may be looking to enter the telecoms business.

Just goes to show, where Threadwatch leads The Times (and pretty much everyone else) follow :)


I was told yesterday that a killer story would be out monday/tuesday - no mention of this author though so it could be unrelated - if it *is* this story then the guy who was going to run it has been beaten to the scoop...

Battelle also mentioned big things happening this week but he also could be talking about official announcements regardign the G Adwords/Adsense new features - looks like we have an interesting week ahead of us regardless eh?

pinch of salt

afaik all these rumours are from the one TimesOnline article, which is based on some sensible ideas but is actually nothing more than speculative.

It makes perfect sense in terms of what they've been doing and I'm certainly not saying it's wrong but I'm also not convinced that the article's a good basis for getting excited - I don't know the journalist and she could have some inside info but if you take a look at her other articles there's nothing to make you think she has more to support this than if any of us had written it.

I agree though that the Google name behind VoIP would be interesting


Slashdot story here

This is pretty heavy stuff, i've not read the times piece but will do shortly, Google to dominate the world?