Cheating Wives, Upskirt Videos, and Randfish


Mozzers everywhere were treated to a video by Rand and associates with a suprise ending. Lyndoman noticed that after all the discussion about Wikipedia ( bleh, boring ) you are offered the several tasty follow up videos.

Wanna see an good upskirt or perhaps a cheating wife vid ? Those are the suprise ending options suggested by Metacafe.

You need to be careful who you use for video hosting. What options are there though ? Revver ? Could this have been prevented some other way ?


Off topic, but if I can just clear this up.

I know there is a user called Cornwall here, he is not to mistaken with me, I use the moniker Lyndoman and my blog is, chosen because I live and work in Cornwall (an area of the UK) and as I wish to rank for local Cornish terms.

I'm sorry if there has been any confusion, it was not my intention.

OK, back to SEO porn.

Ahhh.. well that clears up a

Ahhh.. well that clears up a lot of confusion on my part. lol..

Woo Hoo!

Wow, that gives me more reason to sit through the entire video :)


I wonder why they just did not encode it in flash and host it themselves. It would have been much higher quality and full control. Bandwidth is not a issue anymore.


Sad that you didn't like the video - I know the content wasn't earth-shattering, but it's our first time on video, so we're really just going for a test run. As for Metacafe - I definitely need to check out what tags are on that video that make for the surprise ending... Thanks.

It was nice, Rand. The topic

It was nice, Rand. The topic might be a "singing to the choir" thing for Threadwatch, but it was nice to see you all.

I'm ready for my close up

I thought the video was cool, definately like to see more. It lowers barriers and is great for building the SEOmoz brand. Sure there are technical issues, but you are seo dudes, not filmakers. I don't think high production values are expected.

Making a few short videos myself I know how much work video can be.

I wasn't busting on your

I wasn't busting on your video. I realized it was your first one.

The ending was pretty sweet though


Could an editor change my attribution from "Cornwall" to "Lyndoman" please ?

Rand, I loved the video and

Rand, I loved the video and the roundtable approach. Watching it reminded me a bit of the brainstorming conference room days at my old SEO job.

You did a good job of leading the conversation, which mirrors your executive management qualities.

I especially liked Rebecca's Andy Hagans impersonation at the beginning.

Things I would change:

1)Setting. It looks like the video was filmed in a bomb shelter. Put up a white board, map, some plants, maybe a SEOmoz sign.

2)The seats should be in more of a cresent shape than a Square. It was a little hard to see the folks in the back.

3)You need commentary by Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, you need to add that.

Yeah what was up with that?

Was that an intentional 'Andy Hagans impersonation' ?

Or is two-thumbs-up en vogue again???

That was an OK video.

I think that we can all appreciate a video that is fairly open/honest about SEO issues. For some it is advanced, others basic, others yet - just right.

If the cam was set a bit closer, this would be a bit better so folks are not so blurry. I agree with adding plants and what not to the background. Might help but probably not much. If you can put an extra $2 into the budget, add a few graphics or something from a slide show on the topic once in a while to keep people interested. It's a bit like looking at an informative but fairly boring wikipedia page....

Bring up these two URLs in a browser or in two browser windows:

Without reading the content, step several feet back (longer if you have a large monitor) and just look. What seems more interesting to you? This same thing is happening subconsciously, all the time when people watch a video.

Maybe I'll edit the Wiki entry, "A podcast is defined as..." Lol. Good first time out though!

The video itself

For a first video it was good. It caught the spontaneity of the moment and the sound was fairly good. Some of the suggestions posted here were also good. I would suggest two cameras and a cameraman if possible with at least one able to provide good hand held shots or two stationary ones so that when sitting in a half circle a zoom can be provided to cut away to a close up of the one sharing. Even if the close up included the persons next to the one speaking it would be an improvement. Also with one also acting as a moderator that could ask a person that is more reserved what they think about this or that as this type of person usually has something interesting to say.

I like the notion of this type of video because print tends to be more susceptible to misunderstandings with these types of discussions because if a statement is misunderstood it can be explained instantly in a video by a participant and there is not so much of a chance that someone will personalize a general disagreement.

wikipedia podcast and apple/itunes podcast

Redclaw wrote:
>Bring up these two URLs in a browser or in two browser windows: <

That was an interesting comparison. I like the Wikipedia one the best simply because I can’t stand being flooded with ads on pages. I realize it is a necessary evil with some free internet services like email and free software but I try to avoid it whenever possible. For example I used real alternative instead of real player for that very reason.

Our whole society has become one big marketing arena and it takes a lot of unnecessary space in your brains. Just the other day I got gas at a Shell station and a TV screen at the pump started playing advertisements. I don’t have cable TV nor do I listen to commercial radio stations and I don't like ads following me everywhere I go.

All this seems like no big deal to the average person especially among the young folks that have been raised with it, but our society has played a big price for this. A couple quick points:

1. The biggest cost of a corporation used to be raw materials and labor, not including executive salaries. Now these two things are the least expense of most companies. In many corporations today marketing and advertising takes up to fifty percent of the budget. What this does is concentrate the wealth into fewer hands from the entire labor force to a much smaller advertising and marketing firm.

2. It used to be with supply and demand the more a company sold the cheaper they could sell the product for. This has totally reversed itself. Example; I bought a bottled water at a mom and pop liquor store and bought the same water at an international gas station where I paid 33 cents more. We pay for their marketing.

There are many other repercussions from this that could fill a book.

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