MSN loses 10% market share - now on par with AOL


Google Search 3,035,617 22.6% 50.8%
Yahoo! Search 1,412,904 30.1% 23.6%
MSN/Windows Live Search 499,946 -9.7% 8.4%
AOL Search (Google Reseller) 362,140 7.8% 6.1%

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I could go on for 2 years about why they are losing market share... the SERPS suck.. their marketing plan consists of Hot Babes rather than a better search. They fail to index authority sites and fill up the top 10 results with blog spam....


SEO Contest

Somebody explain to me why that silly SEO contest has MSN count equal to google and Yahoo. Might as well have used dogpile for the third one.

That is a controlling interest in search

If search was a company Google just took a controlling interest.
So basically Google can start making search compliance rules now and the other engines are just going to have to follow, or 'nofollow' as the case might be


Depressing... Just fucking sad...

I new it sucked, but WOW!

The sad part is that MSN seems to convert reasonably well. It's a shame they can't get their algo right to improve their results.


I reckon 1/2 the google queries are spam robots anyway.

Nobody bothers beating yahoo up with their robots.

be a mistake to ignore it

In some verticals it is still the bomb as far as traffic / conversion quality.

I don't really care about

I don't really care about the MSN organic SERPs so much as a driver for their volume as much as I wish they had more AdCenter volume. There's some serious gold in them AdCenter hills.

They could have saved the millions

spent developing the new search engine and stuck with LookSmart's results. Seriously, their market share would be about the same and Wisenut is about as relevant.

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