Google Q4 Profit Nearly Triples


Google's (Nasdaq: GOOG) fourth-quarter profit nearly tripled amid another burst of breathtaking growth that enabled the online search leader to sprint past analyst expectations -- a habit that has helped propel its stock price above US$500.

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Founders Note:
This comes on the heels of accusations that Click Fraud is hitting the roof


Click Fraud Hitting the Roof My @ss

I'm quite sure Google know just how much extra money they can make with various tweaks and such to their technology and are withholding with a long-term plan to stagger them thus to show great and constant growth for quarters, quarters and more quarters to come.

It would be a bit disastrous to improve so much in one quarter that they were unable to show/sustain growth, I imagine?

Well that's my theory, anyway.


Click fraud since January 2005

Ever since they missed the 4Q 2004 earnings estimates, GOOG has been engaged in deals w/ mafiosa like orgs, or so goes the blackhat talk.

General search engine trends follow ask and yahoo. if they fall in profit independent of market share, goog should too.

Stock price drops

I saw an article that in spite of tripling earnings in Q4, the stock price still dropped. I'd have a hard time buying any stock with a P/E ratio as high as Google's.

Analysts don't ask yucky

Analysts don't ask yucky questions about click fraud at conference calls.

Transcript of conference call

Lets be googly you guys or you don't get invited to the next call!

Sergey is getting better at BS:

Sergey Brin

On the health care I just want to highlight our interest in health care is primarily driven by requests we have gotten with a number of both government NGOs and commercial entities in seeing if there could be the kind of IT improvements in health care that we have seen in search on the web with Google.

WTH is a "government NGO"?!

WTH is a "government NGO"?!

Um, "if I told you I'd have to kill you". Does that give you a hint?

Actually it's probably three things not the "both" that implies 2.
Government, NGO, and Commercial Entities.
Mouth moving faster than brain issue.

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