Google displaying local listings in SERPs


Tried a number of queries for services in various towns (UK and US) and seeing the same thing across the board - Google is now including Google Local results in SERPs. Some images here: Google displaying local results in SERPs

On a standard screen resolution, now 12 of the 14 results on page (including Google Local and Adwords) are paid for and 2 are organic. Looks like local marketing just heated up! ;)



Been that way for ages

Probably been around for 6 months or so.

Not in every local SERP -

Not in every local SERP - certainly for a few of them yes, but not all. I've been checking a load of local results on a daily basis for the past 6 months or so and trust me this is new. ;)

Added: See -

spam yell and rank in google

do no evil?

do no evil?

Spam yell - beaten to it

Come on Matt, people are now spamming yell, so you just moved the problem.

Why not just have a directory rather than buying someone elses? How about ODP:)


They taking it from Yell?

They taking it from Yell?

ok just looked and edited

They've used Yell results

They've used Yell results for a long time now for Google local (at least in the UK) - I'm sure it's a paid agreement.

It is somewhat hypocritical that Google as so vocal about paid link issues and clamp down on sites with excessive advertising but they are happy to roll it out in their own SERPs.

The release of Blogger / Picasa / etc links a few weeks ago which were promptly retracted were bad enough, even thought they were just a line of text - this takes up most of the page.

Reminds me of Ask (was it?) that used to have shitloads of paid results before organics. Ugly and defeats the point of having an organic search.

Fair play to Google, I'm sure it's a solid business move though - it's one way to clamp down on organic search spam - just push it out of the way!



Click more local business results, then look down the bottom on the left

If you want to spam, sorry list in Yell:


Its been pulled, can't see them anymore. So we know what is coming then


ahhh Dave

Tell Matt he is a spoit sport

Getting to the top of the list

I noticed that the top results A, B, C are not actually in the normal SERP top 10.

Does anyone know how they determine the results of A, B, and C listing?

They are from Yell listings,

They are from Yell listings, which are presumably ranked based on a simple match to term + location.

DaveN, remember that Indian

DaveN, remember that Indian restaurant in London that was spamming the yellow pages with 20 different phone numbers --the one across from the Thistle Islington. I wonder how he'll make out on this, hhh.

Heh, I am having deja vu. Is

Heh, I am having deja vu. Is Yell the new Looksmart?

United States Results

Are they pulling from Yell for US listings?

Similar colour scheme

Similar colour scheme

Gets 'Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegetarian Kitchen'.

>>Gets 'Wild Ginger Pan-Asian Vegetarian Kitchen'.

Feature highly in the organic results?

It still isn't in all local SERPs

Some towns have them and some don't. I think they might just have widened the coverage of places that have them yesterday.

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