Rumour - Barbara Coll = Out :: Dana Todd = IN - SEMPO


Rumour comes in that Barbara Coll is (as expected) to be ousted as president of SEMPO and Dana Todd is to replace her.

Furthermore, and bear in mind that this is just a rumour: Babs is dumping nominees she doesn't know and appointing "friends" to positions of power prior to her departure.

It doesn't stop there though....
From the same sources, very close to the org and quite credible: Babs will lose the presidency but retain her position as Chairman leaving her still firmly behind the wheel of the rogue org...


Independant scrutineers

"It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Joseph Stalin)

Independant scrutineers

Any nomination process that doesn't offer checks and balances is fundamentally flawed.

I haven't had time to look at their process ( I have a pressing prior engagement with a wall and some drying paint) but surely, surely surely, it allowed a reasonable timeframe, multiple means of delivery, receipt of nominations received, a channel of enquiry for submitted nominations etc etc blah.

In the UK there are independant organisations that administer elections. All they do is run elections for organisations.

Helps minimise scandalous inferences and adds confidence to the system.

Does anyone know if SEMPO intend on using one of these?

For what it's worth...

I've emailed with both Dana and Barbara and they have no record of a faxed nomination for me, so I guess we can just chalk that up to a technical glitch.

Doesn't matter because I had no interest in running (which they both knew anyway). My only concern was that others who might have wanted to run all got their faxes through and were notified. As long as that was done, then it's all good as far as I'm concerned. Unfortunately, I don't know of anyway to know that for sure.

Maybe next time they should have people fax plus also email as a back up or something like that.

airing your dirty laundry in public...

Airing your dirty laundry in public in the end only makes everything smell like soiled underpants.

The only thing - imho - that DUMPO accomplishes by the continued poor dialogue is to reinforce their snobbery (is that a word?)

While the PDF they put out on the state of search marketing was interesting (eg, facts / figures on budgets, what types of search marketing cmopanies are want to pay for, etc) other than that I've seen naught but ill conceived attention grabbing ploys from the lot.

Will be far better for the industry when DUMPO goes the way of the dodo.

boy oh boy...

I got a looong email from Dana Todd - i was going to print it here as she (they) have again refused to respond publically:

"I have no wish to have our discussions aired publicly, as I feel
that's not appropriate to our discussions."

but in the end it didn't feel right as she seemed a bit 'edgy' when i said i would.. essentially it boiled down to this:

  • Your sources are wrong
  • I dont understand why the SMA wants to fight with us

Dana, i have absolutely no relationship whatsoever with any search marketing organization. why do you not know that?

Why the hell won't these people come out of hiding and talk?

You'd never know...

Certainly, if I were nominated I would refuse it.

Yeah, if you actually knew about the nomination! ;)

Not a Hope!

Me stand for election at SEMPO? I don't think so! Certainly, if I were nominated I would refuse it.

Besides, I haven't coughed up my second instalment of $5K - despite being asked if I would do so several times. Didn't seem much point seeing the vast bulk of Circle members paid nothing at all in the first year. So, I assume my SEMPO membership has lapsed.

However, an election of any type is better than what has happened there so far!

No conflict there?

Both of them are on the steering committee of SMA-UK (which of course you already know, since I believe you are as well). Don't you think that poses some problems?

Or is that the idea?

I'd certainly vote for Barry

I'd certainly vote for Barry Lloyd to be the new SEMPO Director. He's paid $5,000 (pretty much the only circle member who ever did actually pay) and ought to get something for that distincion dontcha think?. If Barry declines, I'd want to vote for Mike Grehan. That way I'm voting for what I really think of SEMPO.

[quote]ut how in the world ca

ut how in the world can a 1 person and 2 part time operation make that much in sales?

You assume a lot: she doesn't have to list any contractors on her it looks like a 3 person operation, but it is prob three actual employees and many contractors working on her behalf.

happy birthday... tell sam I

happy birthday... tell sam I said ruff ruff :)

Howz about 6 figures ... that

Howz about 6 figures ... that's what I want in 2006, prolly (as the brits say it, I think?) won't happen ... but I am working at 6 p.m. tonight on my 42 B-Day. Dogs and husband downstairs wondering what in the sam hell I am doing up here.

Ad Spends?

Could some of the revenue be media buys? Don't know, just guessing.

I know I sure don't even come close to 3.7 mil in revenue! :) 1 mil would be nice, but that ain't happening either!

"$3.7M in revenue for 2004" f

"$3.7M in revenue for 2004" for webmamma. I must be missing the boat here, but how in the world can a 1 person and 2 part time operation make that much in sales?

Interesting stuff

Here's another weird thing along those lines. Someone told me that they had nominated me for a SEMPO board seat, but I never got any kind of official notification or anything. Not sure what is supposed to happen if you get nominated though, so maybe that's normal? I had been emailing with Dana who knew I wasn't interested, so I guess they could just cull my name. Not sure what the rules are in that respect.

Anyway...just thought I'd mention that.

At any rate, I think Dana will do a really good job if she does become the President.

Sempo Election Process is Here

Voting will be held 2/7 - 2/18/05

does that mean

they're about to have a vote? or does 'ousted' imply something else?