Google to provide AdWords API to Advertisers

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Scoop! Google to provide AdWords API to Advertisers
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Now here's some news you will soon be able to use...

Google is about to announce technology that will allow its advertisers unprecedented levels of control over when, where, and who can view their advertising on Google search pages and those of Google partner web sites.

For the first time, the search giant will provide its advertisers with an application programming interface (API), which will enable them link their computer systems with Google and control parts of the mammoth Google ad delivery system. The API will allow advertisers to self-administer the delivery, the timing and the price they will pay for their text ads.

see the latest blog entry...


AdWords API to be Released to AdWords Advertisers

This might be one of the biggest announcements for the PPC community in a while. reports that Google [is] to provide AdWords API to Advertisers. The report discusses that this will probably only be available to larger advertisers at...

Only larger advertisers

Poo! :O(

I think you can have the API anyway

they just assume that if you'e a small advertiser you won't know what to do with it.....

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