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Daily Domainers News has an interesting story about how Richard Rosenblatt and Demand Media are turning traditional PPC parking pages into social content sites:

  • “What if we could equip one single domain with a powerful Web 2.0 community software that turns one-time visitors into regulars?
  • What if we could then duplicate that domain’s software over thousands and hundreds of thousands of domains at the click of a button?
  • What if these domains could automatically brand and customize themselves according to their visitor’s perceived preferences and expectations?
  • What if these domains could interact with each other on the back-end to transfer content, users and ads among each other?”

So the questions for search marketers are:

  • Will search engines want to index this content?
  • If they index it, will they still want to index it when Demand Media sells ads directly, or is partnered with a competing search engine?
  • If search engine do not want to index it, what types of sites will be killed off as collateral damage as domaining goes social?


1) Yes - why not if it is

1) Yes - why not if it is real content, how is it different form a real site?
2) yes - as above they do this already, how is it different?
3) n/s

I think the real questions are:

Why would you turn arguably the best quality traffic on the net into social network traffic which is one of the lowest valued traffic sources?
Most domains only receive 1-2 uniques a day. For an industry where domains only need to make $6-10 to wash their face I don’t see how any community is going to start their.
Sure interlinking them might increase the overall volume but domains are great for niche traffic, no point linking a ‘oak tree’ domain with a ‘Texas accountant’ domain.
I know some domains have more traffic but again the value of that traffic is huge, the only other scenario is with typo domains but their traffic value is not as high.

I think the notes about low rev share indicate someone who is out of the loop. The engines give a good rev share to domain owners and with smart prices it’ll almost always beat that of an adsense publishers. Especially adsense publishers with a community!
Finally, anyone who thinks they can compete with Google on contextual income generation is kidding themselves. Not only is domain traffic widely varied in topic but it is geographically varied too. You need the advertiser based to be able to do this and there is literally no company in the world right now who has Google’s numbers.
All in all I think this guy is trying to join two booming industries (not a bad idea in it’s self) with little to no idea how they can actually fit.

The Future of Traffic and Visitor Sourcing

Circa 1997 website traffic originated from link surfing.

Circa 2005 website traffic originated from Google, Yahoo.

Circa 2007 website traffic shows increasing channels, including social media and links arising from social media. The "social" in social media sounds a bit like Circa 1997, doesn't it, when traffic was somehow tied into human judgment, human votes, human intervention?

Website or business traffic circa 2012? Search engines. Communities of all demographics with all manner of community platform architecture. (Think forums that function somewhat like SecondLife.) Social media (voting platforms) Mobile device surfing (who will be the big winners or traffic sources? The "Bells"? Who?) Domain bound enterprises that deploy all of the above, to exploit the pull and instabranding power of the web address.

Interesting times ahead. SEO's are about traffic or visitor sourcing. Whilst SEO will have a home (so long as there's free web traffic to be had) I see more demand for "channel optimization" than "search engine optimization" in the future. SEO will increasingly move in house and be commoditized. Marketing will have to address all those emerging sources of vistors and all those sources of reputation degradation.

And, yes, sometimes I think like a domainer. Force of habit. ;0)

Good find Aaron. I am more

Good find Aaron.

I am more interested in seeing if anyone could successfully build an autocommunity that exists on it's own with out manipulation from a human or two. :)

Autogenerated Spam 3.1

I had run across this a while back when it came out in Business 2.0; the guy is pretty powerful, so I don't doubt that he'll roll something out. However, it is important to note:

1. These widgets that he drops in will likely have a footprint
2. Community-based content is encouraged
3. Domain base of over 100,000

If that doesn't scream "you can spam me and I'll barely be able to track it", I don't know what does. As for engines indexing it...yeah, I think they probably will, though it may not get very deep into the content depending on how it's laid out. I have a feeling that 1 or 2 levels is about as much as most of the domains will see -- the flipside to that is they may try to turn it into a giant linkfarm, but that'd just be silly and very short-lived.

Still, I'm curious to see what it will look like (there was a possible beta example, but I wasn't impressed by it).


There's always that long

There's always that long term vision that says "obfuscate the parked page because one of these days, parked pages will be targeted for traffic throttling".

Is it still a parked page if it has comments and participates in a social web? Nope. Not sure what it is, but it's not a parked page.

Remember the vision of web sites going away, and web pages being like billboards? One page is all you need... every quarter mile. If Google throttles internal link juice flow some day, depth means little and this endeavor has value.

MySpace, YouTube and Moderation

How much moderator effort went into the metoroic rise of MySpace or YouTube? I suspect the can gain some free content with a minimum of effort. Quality? Errr . . now that's a different issue, but who's been concerned about quailty lately? All those MySpacers? Ummm . . no, but someone's interested in selling to them.

And here I thought that the WWW would lead to an age of enlightenment. Doh!

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