LinkCondom - Stop the Spread of NoFollow Viral Link Skank!

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Stop the spread of Viral Link Skank today!!
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OMG, check it out - hahaha!

Go on, whois it, you know you want to...

So how long was it gonna be before someone came up with something like this eh? This one pagers a cracker, i'd wondered what the ex wmw admin who published it had been doing in his spare time :)

Now is the time to act and stop the spread of Viral Link Skank. For far too long now the Internet has functioned as a network of interlinked sites that have been likened unto a 'web' of sites. This is clearly an poor view of the Information Super Highway. To that end the Powers That Be have banded together to fix this massive problem and reshape the web into a more useful controlled environment.

THE SOLUTION......wait for it.....





Too Funny!

Too Funny!

Site of the year!

Site of the year!

'public service' ads

Clever! too bad it is only running those 'public service' ads.


yeah - they're punishing me already :)

Where is the LinkViagra

Where is the **LinkViagra** banner?

LOL, now that's funny.

LOL, now that's funny.

Does it come in a smaller siz

Does it come in a smaller size?


What is this, like the 7th thread about nofollow? Can't you guys talk about anything else? :)


We'd like to talk about why our sites have been killed by dup content filters and poor 302 redirect issues but we know no one will listen :)

Actually it's

the 476th as the current count was noted at 475 by bakedjake at WW. And it's probably the best one considering it is lighthearted and pretty damn witty.

I like witty...


GG - did it really take 7 threads to get you to post? ;-)


liked the "Screw your reciprocal link partners" bullet


What is this, like the 7th thread about nofollow? Can't you guys talk about anything else? :)

ROTFLMFAO GG, you pull a stunt like nofollow, that you must KNOW will have bugger all effect on comment spam and potentially damaging effects on the way your own algos work and the way in which people link websites and you expect there not to be talk?

Sheesh indeed, pull the other one mate, it plays jingle bells...


Yeah GG... know we blame you for this :-)

Very Funny....

However when I went to the site I got some right dodgey looks because of the condom image lol

at the risk of pissing off GoogleGuy

I'm going to bump this - because posts 53-60 are interesting


Nice find Gurtie - im gonna whack that one in for sure - minus the blink of course...


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