AOL to Distribute Ingenio's PayPerCall Ads

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Stuck in the Middle with AOL
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Jupiters Niki Scevak points out that amidst all the hubub surroundig AOL's New Search Improvements was the fact that they have also sealed a deal with PayPerCall firm Ingenio to distribute the firms ppcall ads.

Apparently Ingenio have also just had a site revamp - sheeesh! I'd hate to have seen what it looked like before! Why is it that ad firms always have dreadful websites? Is it like hairdressers with awful hairdo's?

ahem.. moving on:

his is a significant milestone for pay-per-call billing. The seemingly innocuous capability of paying for each telephone call rather than each click is the most important expansion point in commercial search. To date, the billions of ad dollars you see are by and large spent by those advertising products online. To a lesser extent it is those advertising products which are converted offline, but the people who spend the most - eBay, Amazon, Expedia - all convert product sales online. The important word there is product.

Niki goes on to say that he expects Yahoo to follow very shortly as ppcal becomes more and more viable with Google waiting till someone makes some money at it before developing their own inhouse solution. He says they're a great search company but "a rather lethargic one in advertising options."

Those G boys need some real media brass at the TOP


Ingenio on FindWhat

I have used Ingenio's pay per call for a client via FindWhat.

It took over a month to get a call in.
Nevertheless, ppcall removes a layer between advertiser and seller, if your ppc campaign is geared towards a call center.

Findwhat has limited partnerships, but....

AOL does not. I'm curious to see if SMBs will be even remotely interested in pay per call. I think it's out of the question and believe that semanticapi is right - it's perfect for a call center.

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