SEO Pub Meet - 28th May London Stansted


Following a thread started by DougS: Unofficial SEO Gatherings and the subsequent split off of JasonD's post to Arranging a UK SEO Meet it fills me with warm fuzziness to post the results of some great ideas - here go's...

Who, What, Where, When and Why?

Let me go briefly through all the details you need:

Who - Invites and How to Register

All attendees must sign in on this thread - This will enable us to keep track on how many folks we need to talk to the hotel about and other logistical stuff - its a free gig with no financial motive, there is no money to throw at this so this is the best we can do heh..

All manner of marketer is welcome - we often talk about what some consider to be "black" tactics here but we also have a good share of fairer folk - this is not an issue, if your a TW member and can make it to stanstead we'd love to see you :)

What - Details of What Will be Happening at the Gig

There is no agenda. Let me just repeat that so noone is under any false impressions: There is NO agenda. If you think this is a bad thing, this baby aint for you.

What is happening then? Well, in the good old style of MrMackins original pubcon from a few years back we will be meeting up at a hotel/pub and shooting the breeze - it's what you make of it. If you think getting together with a whole bunch of seriously good SEO's and having a lots of beer is a good thing, then you're in luck. If you want a show and booths, and lectures then your shit out of it. Networking is where its at for this beast.

Children and partners are welcome - in fact, we'd love it if they came. Jason and I are going to look into what facilities and attractions/distractions might be available for both kiddies and bored wives/husbands.

More details of eating and other stuff to come - We're working on this but in true TW style we're boldly going forth without the aid of a plan heh..

Where - Stuff About the Location

See the pretty pictures above? Nice eh? That's the Downhall Hotel in Stanstead and is about 8 miles from the airport. Easy peasy for euros and americans alike. Here's a little of the hotel spiel:

Main House 44 elegantly furnished bedrooms including Single, Double and Twin rooms. Eight Feature rooms with Four Poster beds or 2 Poster Beds and beautiful views over Down Hall\222s extensive grounds. One beautifully furnished Junior Suite featuring corner bath, separate lounge area and balcony.

West Wing 55 stylish and spacious rooms featuring extensive bathroom, small lounge area and executive rooms with extensive views over the stunning grounds. 8 Interconnecting rooms available connecting Twin rooms with Double rooms, ideal for families. Disabled access rooms available upon request.

I understand they have WiFi also right Jason?

When - Dates and How to Book!

The main event - when you should definately aim for in terms of attendance if you are pushed for time is Saturday 28th May at 2pm However, most folks will be arriving on Friday, and leaving on Sunday - with bank holiday monday reserved for recovery.

To make it clear:

  • Friday 27th - meet in the hotel bar at anytime - if you dont see folks you know, just wander over to the nearest group of geeks and say Hi
  • Saturday 28th - The main gig - 2pm till you drop - hotel bar
  • Sunday 29th Same as above, but people will slowly start to head off home throughout the day

Booking Details

  • £85 per night Bed and Breakfast
  • £95 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Single Room
  • £125 per night Bed, Breakfast and Evening Meal Double Room.

Please make all bookings direct with Sarah at the Down Hall Hotel on +44 1279 732169 or email her on mentioning "Threadwatch" when you make contact.

The hotel has 99 rooms

Why - The reason this is happening

Essentially this meeting/conference/pissup has been put together by JasonD with a very small amount of facilitation from me for one reason and one reason only: To do some face to face freeform networking in a beer soaked, smoke filled envirnonment conducesive to sharing info and knowledge.

Game Rules & Donations & Sponsorship Stuff

Firstly, there will be no sponsorship, advertising of any kind except the opportunity to buy us all beer and be thanked for it :)

  • All members are encouraged to send a paypal donation of $50 to PayPal This cash will be put behind the bar, used for transport, childminding if possible and all other things designed to make this fun for everyone. Let me repeat: There is nothing financial here for TW or JasonD This is strictly a non profit gig okay?
  • If you have promotion in mind, you are, in the style of rcjordan and NFFC's excellent seoroadshow limited to what you can carrry - there will be no speaches, sectioning off or banners, plackards or anything of that nature - 4eyes will chuck you bodily out of the hotel at the first whiff of anything like this. This means that you can circulate and talk to members, the same as we are all doing, if they like what you have to say you'll know about it - likewise if they dont.

What you CAN do...

You are welcome to send a sizeable donation towards beer at the paypal account above - you will be thanked for your contribution on the main day in the one and only speach to be had at the gig. Minimun donation is $300 to get a mention.

If You Plan to Attend - Sign IN

As i said above, if you're coming you must sign in here - we need to know numbers in order to liase with the hotel and arrange transport and this is the easiest way.

Boys and girls - see ya there!


Threadwatch SEO Pub Meet - 6wks and counting...

There are just 6wks to go before the Threadwatch boys and girls meet in London Stansted for the first (i hope of many) Threadwatch Pub Meets. On the weekend of the 28th of May 2005, it's all systems go for serious networking amongst some of the finest


I am glad to say that it looks like I will be joining you all in lovely Stanstead. Been to a few SEO things before so maybe i'll actually recognize a few people. ;-)


Images added, but for some reason, i couldnt get the nightime shot to show up, i've no idea why..

I will be starting a new thread in a few days though, it's time this was put on the homepage again :) I can't wait, and Robyn says she's looking forward to learning how to sell STUFF - apparently she's been talking to MrMackin...


Can anyone extract the resources from within the swf for me please? :)

OK, Vikings booked.

Right, expect the usual 3 suspects to enter the hotel lobby at around noon Saturday. Looking forward to see all ya'll again :)

Tell me about it

"We want it to be elegantly flashtastic with animation, transitions, swooshing menus like xyz company"
"And we want to be #1 for 'hotel' in all engines and geographies"
"And the conversion rate needs to be 100% because if we do not have full occupancy we lose money and we will blame you"
"And it needs to work on the chairmans next door neighbours PDA"

gone totally flash based (fools IMHO)

As someone that has written more than my share of hotel web sites, you have no idea how stubbornly hotel owners want flash sites

It appears to be "keeping up with the Jones" rather than actually thinking what users want and how people are going to find it.


Downhall have gone and undertaken an update to their site and gone totally flash based (fools IMHO)

Because of this the images are broken above, but there are images embedded within the swf at

Does anyone have a SWF decompiler, such as So Think's excellent app and can export the images so we can all get to see what a great place it looks again ?



so actually

I probably won't need the room anyway?

ah well, booked anyway - it looks like they'll have a decent quality of biscuits with the tea making facilities :)

Which is it likely to be?

You will find it will be partying till very early in the morning, they always are

At the last meeting we did not go to bed and carried on after having breakfast :)


ok - not been to an SEO one before - this is close enough for me to drive home from and if everyone goes to bed at midnight I may as well, alternatively if everyone will be up and partying 'till 4am Sunday morning I should book a room. Which is it likely to be?


Gonna do a new one later actually Paul, glad you decided to come!


Being a pub meet newb i was bit hesitant, but Finally booked, 27th and 28th
Looking forward to putting faces to names.

Maybe this thread should be a sticky?



We'll be getting some questions answered (though gerbot and nffc pretty much covered that one) as soon as the redesign is out of the way.

I want to start a new thread, put a permenant link or graphic on the site somewhere prominent(ish) and get this thing rollin' just a little closer to the time..

Traditionally, at these things, friday night is a good one for little dinner groups, saturday, it's just beer.

In the spirit of Pub conferen

In the spirit of Pub conferences I'm going to finish my Bordeaux tonight while I watch CuteFTP upload :)


>Dinner rate or is everyone going out for dinner?

If past experiences are a guide you will struggle to find the time to breathe, never mind food.


I don't remember that option.
I usually take all options when offered - sucker point of purchase guy here.

All I know is that at least one night I'm having a liquid dinner!

trash on the way

complete with Lorry

Is everyone signing up on the Dinner rate or is everyone going out for dinner?

oops.. I'm IN

sorry i forgot to post it


Conferences & Consuming Media: Too Much?

Post mentioning some of the various conferences in the middle of the year.

Good Stuff

Great job Alex, and Greg, we may just take you up on that offer! Welcome to Threadwatch mate, do introduce yourself here:

Count me in

Looking forward to meeting some of the famous hyperlinked nick names in the flesh.


Did Someone Say Beercast It?

London.. ahh, wish I could make it back out there, but it's too damned expensive!

In any event, if you do want to Beercast the event, let me know so I can post it up via the Beercasting site.


I'm hoping for some insider info

So would rather the juicy stuff not be recorded ;O)

Besides, I sound a right twxt on recording devices (IE. I would rather keep my delusion that I have a manly melodic voice rather than the nasally-challenged-barnsley-idiot voice I really have).

Willing to be outvoted though, could be good for future bribery situations, esp. if there is karaoki ;O)

Can't Wait

It will be nice to put a face to some of the names

Why not Beercast the bugger?

There are lots of people who can't make it to the StansteadFest. Why not Beercast the bugger? I am sure that DaveN will have all the equipment going on the amount of time he spends in pubs - even the pubs not in Edinburgh - and this is my last mention of that.

ME Too

I hate "me too" posted BUT I'm with SlyOldDog.


Dont ask me why it took me till now to book, there's no reasonable answer heh..

Booked in for Friday - Sunday - Me, Ivana & Robyn

in other news...
We've had some nice donations for beer money from companies, i've still not written a TODO list for me and Jason to start going through but i WILL and we would like to remind the good boys and girls that a voluntary $50 paypal to put behind the bar would be most welcome :) the paypal addy is

We will ramp up the exposure on this shortly, but its a bit early yet, cheers...

I'll be happy to put my money

I'll be happy to put my money behind the bar when I arrive, but I would not touch paypal out of principal :)


< recruit > I'm booked at the Downhall for May 28th and 29th. < / recruit >

Depart for meetings in Bedford on the 30th and then on to London for SES 31st through June 3rd.
You can find me at the Hilton Hotel Islington.


Ok - booked. :)

Now to see how to add SES London to the trip down there. :)

Er - Nick - quick question - they do have Wi-fi, don't they? :o

Well if sly goes, i go

What you losers doing posting on Sunday night anyway! :)

I'll be there. Always wanted

I'll be there. Always wanted to check out the sights in Stansted.

Hi Everyone

Your link Nick W didn't seem to work so I'll introduce myself here for you. My name is Jason Cartwright and I'm Head of SEO for GCDM which is based in Westwick, Cambridge (so it shouldn't be too much of a crawl home after a few drinks ;-)) Would be more active on the forums etc., but because, as my friend once refered to it, I "live in the ar** end of nowhere" and as such I have no internet connection at home to catch up in the evenings.

Should be going to SES in London, but that tends to be a case of sitting in a room all day listening to people, and then trying to be social in the evening when you're knacked. Frankly the idea of this gathering for just drinks, no selling and a general laugh sounds like far more fun to me. Maybe for a follow up meet we could go paintballing and have staff from the search engines Vs the Optimisers? Should be a good way for both sides to vent their frustrations :-D

I'll miss yas...

I have to fly to New York for my sisters graduation that day. Then I fly out to London afterwards. So I may catch up with some of you at SES.


George, Shadowen: great to see you guys in here :) and especially coming to the gig! do go and introduce yourself Shadowen :)

This thing is shaping up nicely, i'll put permenant link or even a little graphic up when the redesign is done...

1 more here!

Looking forward to it!

2 more here

Count myself and the other half in. Should be a good laugh and nice to put some names to faces :-)

What about NYC

I may not be in London... why not an impromtu gathering at one of the parties during SES NYC.... have to see which ones are going but grab a corner and BS would be cool.

I'm in

May as well, not doing anything that weekend ;-)

I really just want to echo Ni

I really just want to echo Nick's comments and if any of you fancy working in that old fashioned way, using the telephone then give me a call (Details on my site, found under my profile)

IMO the highest priority is to compile a list of stuff to do for those not coming for the social gathering. Specifically partners and kids :)

me too

Booked for friday and Sat night, so looking forward to joining you all.

Nick, 'bin reading here a while, great site, thanks.

Yeah Matt, that's cool...

Absolutely fine matt :)

Quick update:

  • Jason and I will be compiling a list of things that need doing this week - please pm me or JasonD if you can spare a little time to make a couple of calls etc..
  • We got a mention in the SEW blog - feel free to spread the word :)
  • Beer money (voluntary paypay donations of $50 -

    ) coming along nicely

  • Couple of nice paypal corporate beer money donations :)
  • Quite a few international attendees - NICE

For an idea born so quickly and put into action the very next day this is coming along nicely...

i'll be there

Staying over on the saturday and head off on the sunday.


Sorry did you want it

I'm in but not happy

Who booked the suite?

Off to book now

Looking forward to it - presumably it's OK to bring along a (work) partner, albeit someone who's not a member here?

Assuming yes, that's 2 getting in Saturday morning and heading off late-ish on Sunday. Ta.

Sounds like fun...

Unfortunately, my daughter is graduating high school right around that time, so I don't think I'll be able to make it. Will have to miss the London SES even this year, I think. :-(

Threadwatch Has UK Pub Meet

Into SEO? In the UK? Threadwatch is having a get-together. Details here: SEO Pub Meet - 28th May London Stansted....

Barring mishap

I'll be there. I may try to save a small portion of my liver for poisoning later, during SES, but I'll certainly do my utmost to be there.