Google Maps Get's Lost - Doesn't ask for directions


Google Maps get's lost in New Jersey, sends people into endless loop....

[url=,+North+Brunswick,+NJ+08902&sll=40.295239,-74.718018&sspn=0.643127,1.275787&ie=UTF8&z=10&ll=40.283716,-74.707031&spn=0.643236,1.275787]Full Story[/url]


Google must be a woman

Google must be a woman ;)

Google Must be a man

Google Must be a man because they didn't stop and ask for direction.

Looks like the code of the

Looks like the code of the last site I was asked to work on.

India code

Definitely $2.88 programmer!

Google must only have one eye

Just not sure which one is missing.


I was wondering why it took so long to get there ... and everything looked the same over and over again...

I thought.. I must be driving in circles.. but I was using Google Maps.. it's couldn't be so!


Just make sure you don't use it for that trip.... its winter here in CT. lol


That WAS for my trip to Foxwoods!! :)

Don't Remember That Many U-Turns

I went to high school in a town near that route, and my folks still live there.

I used to travel a good part of that path into Trenton to get to a great club that hosted a lot of punk bands over the years (Dead Kennedys, REM, Television, Ramones, etc.). There didn't seem to be that many U-Turns on the way there, but there might have been on the trip home.

That's the address of the new NASCAR track

Only problem I can see is it's a left turn track and you were going the wrong direction.

Dangit! Those directions were supposed to be...

...cloaked to Webspammers while Matt was on vacation!

But looks like there was a targeting issue. I've notified the Maps team, but looks like they're already on it.

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