Blogger Claims that Google could save the world '3,000 Megawatts a Year' by using black instead of white


Blogger mistakenly feels that Google could save the world '3,000 Megawatts a Year' by using black instead of white as the background color

This was quickly noted that the power savings would only apply to CRT monitors and not LCD ones, and some others questioned his math in terms of what the power savings would be. However it's generally agreed that there would be some power savings just because of how many people are still on the old monitors.

There might be some truth to it.. just not to the level of what he noted.


Every little bit...

My ass. Shouldn't the tree huggers be outside bitching about tuna nets or something instead of typing little bits of bullshit on their Mac that must be made of recycled baby diapers and old tofu packaging?

Ooh, coffee is done...

But then you also have to

But then you also have to subtract the effect all black background screens would have on eyesight in the aging parts of the Gworld. Figure in the cost of all us aging Baby Boomers buying new glasses, lighted magnifying lenses, as-seen-on-TV food supplements for failing eyes, herbal eye-drops, books on eyeball feng shui, plus the cost of producing all that crap by slave labor in the Third World and then transporting it across the globe. Bet the savings won't be that high.

and the fact nobody would

and the fact nobody would use google anymore

Stated by someone blogging

Stated by someone blogging on a white background...

Shouldn't the title of this

Shouldn't the title of this post be 'Linkbaiting reaches a new depth' or something such?


"Change the color, save the world!"

Now let me go pick out the bits of dolphin from my can of tuna so I can have lunch...

Waiting patiently as the

Waiting patiently as the little old lady in front of me looked one more time for that extra penny she had somewhere in her purse, with the checkout girl staring blankly into space, I glanced at the magazine rack and thought to myself, "damn. threadWatch is the digital National Enquirer".

Paint the White House black,

Paint the White House black, my bruthas!

So how does white text look

So how does white text look when printed?

I posted the article because I found it funny

I just found the entire concept comical.. hence why I published it.

It's a Sunday and I felt that everyone needed alittle laugh.

Now there's an idea. If

Now there's an idea. If everyone painted their house black (including the windows), we would save bajillions in heating costs (the black box effect). We could simply mandate worldwide that anyone living between the Tropics (Cancer, Capricorn) has to live in a white box (to preserve cooling and save on air conditioning costs) and everyone north or south of the Tropics has to livein a black Box (to save on heating costs).

It's Sullivan's fault!

Didn't I hear Danny Sullivan has like 18 monitors on one PC? If he would just turn a few off we could power a village or two. heh.

Also, if all us bloggers shut off our computers, stepped away from our desks at say noon and went and drank beers every afternoon - why think of the savings!


I think the guy might be a screen writer working on an upcoming installment of an Austin Powers movie - I mean, really, who else other than Dr. Evil would need that much extra energy anyway? *kidding*

Sadly, his agruement, even if there is ANY truth to it, will not work.

I used basically the same logic with my wife last week to justify a new motorcycle - "Think of the fuel economy and fuel cost savings we could realize..." - no closer to the new bike, sadly...

Black screen

I sure hope this was just a joke/funny news. My question is would it be black hat to have a black screen with black words. Just helping out the energy crisis could be your excuse.

Yes, and think of the

Yes, and think of the benefit to your vision if you'd just close your eyes while facing the monitor.

Seriously, I can only read so much white text on a black background. It also causes a strange color shift in my surroundings, as if I were wearing red sunglasses, or something. As a designer, this just kind of doesn't work for me. I'm happy to read people's stuff, but not if it causes undue eyestrain.

Luckily, my browser of choice (Opera) allows me not only to turn off stylesheets on sites, but to use both default alternate stylesheets and stylesheets I've created. So, after about 10 seconds, I'm again reading white on black as black text on a white background, with margins I've pre-determined.

That's it

I'm buying stock in printer ink

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