Automation Heaven - Button Pushers Wishlist

I've been reading about it in loads of places, thinking about it almost all the time and chatting on the phone till BT scare me with the phone call charges,about this type of thing for a while now, but a discussion that led to the phone with some colleagues made me think it is worthy of a post here.

What can be automated and what can't in SEO?

which leads onto

What would you like to see automated that you do manually at present?

In all honesty I prefer the idea of what can't be automated as it sets a challenge to be beaten and I LOVE challenges.

I'll try to kick the discussion off with what can be automated succesfully.

I am NOT saying I do these things manually, in an automated fashion or know of anyone that does or does not have the knowledge, skill or codebase to undertake these tasks. This is merely a discussion document, hypothesising about what MIGHT be possible. ;)

  • Blog finding tools - Automated
  • Forum finding tools - Automated
  • Blog content addition tools - Automated
  • Forum content addition tools - Automated etc etc etc for other types of CMS
  • Page theme analysis - Automated
  • Proxy hunting - Automated
  • Multiple proxy usage without code or network changes - Automated
  • Search Engine Algorithm reversal - Automated (LMAO, do some of them need a tool?)
  • Site Building tools - Automated
  • Crap Content Building tools - Automated
  • Good Content Building tools - Semi Automated
  • Page Element extraction/analysis - Automated
  • Auto correcting grammar checker - 99% Automated
  • Crap Quality Link Building - Automated

NOT Automated - High Quality Link Building

That's a start from me, what do YOU think can be added to the list?


rationalenquirer TOO funny

I guess ranking alerts (G , Y! , MSN) are to obvious to mention as automated.
New competitors surveillance.

It's technically not a button!!

It's technically not a button. I run it from the command line.

Oh right, so what do you do to start it going, do you blow on it??



I'll take a beer at Stansted, don't tell MFishy or Jake:)


There are "some" seedy stores

There are "some" seedy stores selling pre rolled answers, but overall nothing beats a good old fashioned roll your own solution.

I treat it like tea. I MUCH prefer tea leaves in a pot for an enjoyable cuppa, especially 1st thing in the morning but when I am out and about and gasping even a grotty tea bag will do :)

For Sale - One Carefull Owner - Hardly Used....


Hire a programer Brian, there like the birds, CHEAP :)

# Blog content addition tools

# Blog content addition tools - Automated
# Forum content addition tools - Automated etc etc etc for other types of CMS

I've always been curious about these - are they strictly custom-only solutions, or is there a seedy online store selling these??

Mine is a button

John, you're just such a geek. ;)

It's not a button.

It's technically not a button. I run it from the command line.


Doug, who does Nick make the cheques payable to? :D

Yup, bang on :O)

That's exactly what I meant. I toyed with doing a "popup toast" task bar thing but then I found I am often using one of four different computers so the RSS feed seems more portable. (I can still have popup toast but also consume the data from a web page, email .. SMS)

Off to play with readability .. cool!

Payment for royalty words

More money comes to me, Mfishy, BakedJake for the use of the words "button pusher" and derivatives:)

Cheers boy


Actually here is a freebie yo

Actually here is a freebie you can use if you like.

Readability Score Analyser.

Hey Chris. Do you mean by your finding tool a piece of software that constructs an RSS feed when new (insert search term here) events happen?

If so, then add it to my list of done :D

A couple I have been working on

(Just as a programming challenge mind)

Keyword generation
Competition analysis
Content tidying
Datafeed etc reprocessing
Link management

One of the things I am going to do first though is have "finding" tools run on a schedule and produce RSS that I can have popup in newsgator when new items are discovered.

OOPS I fogot to add. CAPTC

OOPS I fogot to add.

CAPTCHA analysis - Automated ;p