UN : Internet should be run by key players


GENEVA (Reuters) - The Internet should continue to be overseen by major agencies including ICANN and the ITU, rather than any new "superstructure", the new head of the International Telecommunications Union said on Friday.

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Founders Note:
I don't know if I agree with the UN on this..


Surely you don't think....

..that creating another organisation full of rampant megalomania, extensive beuraucracy and extreme incompetance above ICANN and the ITU is a good idea.

At least the current structure hangs together after a fashion, and provokes good old fashioned arguments, before thrashing out some kind of vaguely workable compromise.


A UN agency suggesting that a large "superstructure" entity is not a good idea? Rich!

Does the US govt have too much of control over the internet? Yes. But what's the alternative?

Talking about censorship in China: "ITU does not deal with the content of the Internet, but it has to be involved in the security of the network,"
Pure bullshit. He's restricting his remit to security and just security! What about all that crap he gave two SECONDS ago about narrowing the digital divide? Is that "narrowing the digital divide everywhere ...except where it's a political hot potato"?

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