Oilman and the SEO fishbowl


Somebody woke up Todd who comes through with kick ass post about SEO is/isn't rocket science debate

First of all I agree that most of SEO is easy but let me qualify that statement. It’s easy for me. It’s easy for Shoemoney. It’s easy for WebGuerrilla and it may be easy for you. Keep in mind we live in a fish bowl and SEO/M is our lives. We live and breath it and have for possibly years and years. It’s become second nature to create unique, keyword rich Title tags and design a web template with H1’s, text navigation and proper ALT tags. It’s what we do and we should be able to do it with our eyes closed and get it right the first time. To say that it’s stupid easy is simply arrogant.

For the Shoemoney side of things

I did not know what to expect… honestly these guys have been doing SEO since before I was on the internet so I expected to get owned… and I did not know what had been discussed on the air. They asked me if I said onpage SEO was Garbage on my show the previous week with Quadzilla. I said I would not say it was “Garbage” but I would say that people place far to much emphasis on onpage seo and not enough in the domain/url/anchortext/authority/ageofdomain. For example I said I could make a page rank just by using domain and url (for instance ringtone.com/ringtone.html) and have ZERO onpage content but it would rank for ringtone yet I could not have a new domain with excellent seo’d out on page content rank anywhere close.

I also explained that I thought that 95% of SEO was super simple but the remaining 5% is where the real secret sauce is that guys like Greg Boser and Todd Friesen know because they have been pushing limits and experimenting in the dark arts for a long time they can apply what they learned to the corporate area.

Head on over to Todd's blog and MAKE SOME COMMENTS, he hates it when I threadjack him, and if he gets some action he might almost get back to blogging semi-regularly again ;-)


Gotta love it when the old

Gotta love it when the old school black hats and new wave black hats turn on each other. Don't worry, in a few years as Jeremy gets larger and more mainstream clients, he too will turn white hat just like Todd and Greg! :D

Jill I think you

Jill I think you misunderstand and I really do not know what you do for a living but I do not have and do not want any clients. I think most SEO "experts" are 21st century used car salesmen. Most of the people that post and read this site I would not include in that list.

I build service oriented websites. I am not in the business of selling SEO services. Any and all leads I get go directly to Greg Boser or Aaron Wall.

Rosie is a loser

Who cares.


I think most SEO "experts"

I think most SEO "experts" are 21st century used car salesmen. Most of the people that post and read this site I would not include in that list.


You're right, I do misunderstand then.

I would imagine many who post and read here would consider themselves SEO experts of sorts.


You have to see the difference between "experts" and experts.

Done with black and white, easy and hard

Maybe we can just sum it all up as those that can employ lateral thinking SEO and those that can't.

IMHO most SEO consultants are consulting for a variety of factors, such as:
1. Too much business to turn away, so they are taking advantage of it
2. Most customers can't figure out who is good and who isn't, so it is easy pickings even for n00bs
3. Lacking the creativity and imagination required to develop their own product/service
4. Were not very good at #3 so they decided to consult until they ran out of clients and had to go back to teaching

guinea pig SEO

You have to see the difference between "experts" and experts.

Ah yes. *That* kind of SEO. I have my own label for it, "guinea pig SEO."

I consult because it's fun,

I consult because it's fun, guys. When it's not, I pass.

What's fun? New stuff. Every day. Something new. Different. People. Different people. Creating new ways to show not-nice clients the door. Finding new SEO-minded young-uns who "get it" to outsource work to. Watching them grow. Feeling them challenge me. Laughing when they are right. Smiling when I realize how much money I will make with what they just caused me to learn, for free. Feeling BIG when I buy them dinner, which they really appreciate, because they haven't yet learned to see the prize and maintain the focus (they still think they're stupid and need more learnin'). Saying "I told you so" when they finally try and succeed.

You know what else is fun? Meeting a new client on the first day, with half a room full of people I have never met predisposed to thinking I am a genius, while the other half has been scheming for a week for ways to knock me down a few pegs in front of their peers at the first opportunity. Yeah, that's fun for me. You know why? It's like Judo. It's not how strong you are, but how well you can direct the forces in the room. And I love to guide force along the desired path (think Google..heheheh). The best part is making my exit after a successful engagement with the first half (who thought I was God) now knowing I ain't so special, and the second half (who were out to prove I was nothing special) now convinced I am, indeed, Mr. Magical.

I think SEO is a word game. I think consulting is a people business. To each his own.

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