Just Cancel the @#%$* Account!


It is so much easier to open and account than close it. Biggest Hassle Offenders: AOL, BlueMountain.com, Classmates.com, MSN Internet, Napster, Real, True.com, and more

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Good Job PC World.. this is crap when companies pull stunts off like this.


6 months

This is when you punish their ass with the maximum 6 month credit card chargeback and claim you've been trying to cancel for that long.

Teach 'em a lesson.

You ever try to cancel an

You ever try to cancel an account with a fitness club? 24 Hour fitness is the worst. Literally, we had to close the bank account to stop them.

Chargeback is your friend

I agree with incredibill on this one; if you legitimately try to cancel and cannot, just use the chargeback and explain that you tried to cancel but they aren't honoring your request. In time, they get the picture.

hmmm..an unconscionable contract?

I might have faced additional hassles if I had disputed the charge with my credit card company. When I belatedly examined True.com's terms-of-service agreement, I found a section stipulating that if I were to "fraudulent[ly] report an authorized charge by True.com" as "unauthorized," I could be held liable for $1000 per incident in damages.

Aha. I'm going to guess that

Aha. I'm going to guess that that goes both ways: charging someone's credit card without his/her agreement or authorization is also illegal.


That's got to be a bullshit threat. Someone should call them on it.

As a consumer in the UK you are covered by this law and as a business by this one. They can't charge whatever they freaking want. Even if it's IN the small print.

Sneaky Bastards.....

....sneaky bastards get me about once a month and I was about to get a skidmark covered list together.

There are good ones too of course, never have a problem with Amazon and I have spent enough.

Chelsea in Charlotte

Welcome to web 2.0 Reanimated

Companies that have huge debts for television advertising need to recoup that money somehow.

they are now reanimated as paid content redistribution centers, charging for what many other sites provide for free. who needs classmates.com when there is myspace?

Yahoo tried to mess with me

Yahoo tried to mess with me as well. My renewal period for Yahoo! Music Unlimited was coming due for renewal. I saw that the rates had doubled since I signed up a year ago and I asked them why and what I can do through a contact form. Never heard back from them and they wanted to charge my card. I tried to call them and of course they had no record of my ever trying to contact them and they refused to refund me the money (despite having never used the service since the renewal - a few days). They werent going to budge so I called my boys over at American Express and got the charged removed and the account closed. Membership does have its rewards...


Me too - pain in the ass cs and I was going to throw in Network Solutions too but they seem to be picking up the 'phone these days

Google have it right every bloody time :)

Goog Domains

I cannot for the life of me get one or find a link?????

I buy lots of dom names

I have to say that, after

I have to say that, after their beginnings in the 90's, Network Solutions have turned around in their customer support -- very helpful, knowledgeable and polite.

Don't know about cancelling accounts, as I haven't done so.

Superpages.... Get your asses together

....How the bloody hell does one go about stopping these buggers from charging me?

I've asked them to delete my account several times and actually thanked with this

This is an automated email to inform you that your credit card has been charged $15.00 for click activity on SuperPages.com.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact us at 800-428-8722 Monday-Friday-7am to 8pm CST. You may also email us at

and we would be happy to assist you.

My Favorite is Earthlink

I get a call from earthlink...
"Your credit card has expired. We need a new one or we'll cancel your account."
"Great. I've been meaning to cancel that thing. Please cancel it."
"We can't cancel your account until you give us an elaborate set of information confirming your identity."
"You called me"
"You can also send in a certified, registered, and notarized letter"
"Or, I could just stop paying you"
"Please hold"...
At some point, you just get tired of waiting. Actually, this was just one in a series of now more than 7 calls I've had asking to cancel the account.

Record your call in a video

Record your call in a video of yourself making the call. Act bored on the video, but stay polite and keep asking over and over and over. Eat some pudding while on the call. Don't edit the video, and post it on YouTube.

It worked for the AOL customer. It worked for Shoemoney. It can work for you!

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