Worthless Services as a Way of Getting Links

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Adding Worthless Services for Free Marketing...
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What is it that makes people link to just about any old shite an SEO/SEM company throw up? - For a good example just think about how many shoddy, gimmicky PR checkers and backlink checkers there are out there...

WTF is all that about?

Aaron Wall just posted a cracking piece on this subject:

I have been getting links for a few friends recently and have noticed some pretty solid links pointing at some pretty shoddy / worthless SEO services (such as free automated Search Engine Submission services).

Many of these links are from well themed .edu pages that have not been updated for years. Some of these less than stellar services are being clustered with the like of authoritative search sites such as SearchEngineWatch and major search engines.

He goes on to list some less than honorable, tongue in cheek suggestions of how to use this for fun and profit :-)

We talked a litte recently about gaining links creatively - just scroll down till you hit chrisgarrett and mikkels conversation...

So, what other dastardly schemes are there that you can add to your site to garner a bit of link love?


Write some software.

Write some software. I wrote a tiny bit of software, <100 lines took me an hour or 2. Got quite a few nice backlinks for the page.

Heres another one if you can't code, blog templates. There are not enough decent valid CSS/XHTML generic blog templates. Require a link to use the template. There is another similar idea but I'm keeping that one close to my chest :)

goes off to write >100 lines

goes off to write >100 lines of software... ;)


Software needs supporting usually. I wrote some software ages ago and still get support requests :O(


>> Software needs supporting usually. I wrote some software ages ago and still get support requests :O(

Same. Doesn't mean I'm gonna provide the support for free... wasn't it enough that I gave it away and now you want free support too?

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