Rumor: Market Smart Interactive Shuts Down For Good?


Heard through the grapevine that MarketSmart Interactive closed their doors today and is dissolving the company. Not sure what happened but was informed they laid off all employees and shut their doors today. Market Smart Interactive was previously Think Partnership before changing their name and their story has long be documented over the last few years. Does anyone have more information on this company?


Wow. Certainly has been a

Wow. Certainly has been a long history there, but now it's over for good?

This is why.

Nobody knows.

that press release mentions

that press release mentions a click fraud report, and also mentions MarketSmart as one of the companies under Think Partnership.

Wow, what a way for the new year to start

if you worked for them and this turns out to be true. Yikes!

I would try asking JP or Garrett since he may still know a few people there.

BTW: Happy New Year Ben!

its true

Yes it is 100% true. They took 4 people over to MarketSmart Advertising and the rest were brought into the break room at 2:30 and told that it was over. The people who were brought over to MSA will call it a "consolidation", but the others know the real truth..

Hope its a specific issue

As far as i know other Think Companies are alive!.

It is True, here are former employee blogs

I talked to people that were there

Former Employees blogs talkin about it.
and another

Existing MarketSmart and Think Employee

I did want to provide an update regarding MarketSmart Interactive.

21 employees' jobs were painfully eliminated yesterday. This was 100% a business decision (as most of them already know). The nine remaining employees were absorbed into MSA. MarketSmart Advertising is a extremely well-respected, full-service, traditional ad agency in Raleigh, NC.

As one of the remaining nine, I did want to thank all of the folks that are unfortunately no longer with us. These are an incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated group of people who put up with more bullsh*t than anyone should have. No one wants a decision like this made for them, and my heart really goes out to these professionals.

SO, for all those traditional and interactive marketing agencies out there, do yourself a favor and pick these folks up. They won't be unemployed for long.

I'm hiring

Acronym Media (the company I work for) is hiring in most areas. Check out our website or PM me for details.

Best of luck to all those who were left! You'll move on to bigger and better things... everyone else has!

I'm hiring

SO, for all those traditional and interactive marketing agencies out there, do yourself a favor and pick these folks up. They won't be unemployed for long.

If any want to move to the Boston area let me know. (Cost of living may be way to high as compared to NC though.) I can't pay moving expenses, but I'm embarking on a growth campaign for High Rankings this year and was about to start putting out ads on Craig's List. I was thinking jr. people who I would train, but it might not hurt to have someone with experience if its a good fit.

Been a lot of talk around

Been a lot of talk around Research Triangle Park regarding this over the last 5 months. It was only a matter of time.

Why they Failed? A view from the Inside

here are my thoughts on why websourced failed. Lessons to be learned for others out there

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