Google messing with titles. Old data in the index?


Over the last few months I've come across a wierd set of results at Google and today I was able to reproduce one of the results.

Here goes:

Do a search for the keyword netop

NetOp is a remote control software company with competitors around the world and one of these seem to be leaching on their brand as I get at spot number 1+2. as number 3 with this serp link title:

NetOp Remote Control

Ok, nothing fancy here, however if you check the real page title at the site, you'll get this title:

Remote Control Software, Security Information Management, PC Lab Management - From CrossTec Corp.

Only one place in the page I found the word "Netop". Ok, it could be inbound links etc., but that's another story.

Now, here is the interesting point. Do a search for remote control software and you get at #9, but with what looks to be the real title from their front page!?

So, the question is;
how is Crosteccorp able to show 2 different titles on the same page on 2 different search queries?

As far as I could tell there are no cloaking or sneaky stuff going on there (other that Crossteccorp at some point possible have had a title with their competitors name in it. Tsk tsk)

Did I miss something or does Google somehow have two titles in their index for the same page?


The Netop one is just DMOZ

Google chose to display the DMOZ stuff because it was more relevant to the query.


Of course! I can't believe I missed that and you're right PPCblogger, it's been around for a while. Thanks for clearing that up :)

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