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Everyone is doing top 10 lists, I thought it would be nice if everyone here shared three tools or applications that make online life easier or more productive. News is slow, another holiday is approaching, so why not begin the new year with a better tool set? Oh, and feel free to link out.

1. SharpReader. It's free. The only RSS aggregator I use and I've tried a fair number of them. Handles all RSS versions. thread support, create categories, set your own refresh rate, drag-and-drop subscription, Feedster integration, proxy servers, keyboard navigation, import and export with OPML, filter, HTTP authentication and more.

2. Blogdesk. Free blog client. Compatible with WordPress, MovableType, Drupal, Serendipity and ExpressionEngine as well as the bloghosters and It creates backups, synchs with your blog, allows you to manage multiple blogs, format images, and on and on.

3. Prefbar. Free for Firefox. Turn off images, Javascript, Java, and Flash with a click. Don't want to send referrer info? No problem. UA spoofing, clear cache with one click, you can even create macro buttons to run that must-have app.


napster -- free yourself

napster -- free yourself from the tyranny of apple, get napster and a good non-apple mp3 player and you shall taste the joys of liberty.

tadalist -- online to do list, great for people whose lives are nothing but to-do lists.

bloglines -- doesnt get enough props anymore. i give a tin foil hat tip to bloglines, they still got game.

Good Topic, I would love to know what is in every SEO's toolbox

Can't live without work tools:
Search Status for Firefox
Yahoo Site Explorer

Can't Live Without Personal Tools:
Yahoo Launchcast
Scrapbook Extension for Firefox

Can't Live Without News Sources:
For SEO news: Search Brains
For Online Advertising News: The Ad Feed
For General Online Marketing News: I Want Media

Ok... so maybe that was more than 3 :).

Coming Soon

I've got a 'tools' post in the hopper next year, but here's a list of all the firefox extensions I use

I'd also say RoboForm is really useful as is Best Firefox Extension for Bloggers, Ever from NickW.

DG those sharp reader is pretty cool. I tried blogdesk a few days ago when you mentioned it, threw all sorts of security errors. I tried again, struggled through and got it working, so if you're a heavy/multiple blogger I think it's worth giving a shot.

Full Text Search


They're all based on Lucene - which is an excellent apache product.

My Recommendations Are

Tcpview - nice connection monitoring tool for Windows, originally produced by until they got bought by Microsoft. Would be brilliant if someone had one of these with logging capability.

ProcessExplorer - process monitor for Windows considerably better than Microsofts task manager. (Another of the SysInternals tools.)

SpamBayes Outlook Plugin - another absolute must, with training it becomes brilliant, only one Spam got through to my inbox in the whole of December.

Honourable mentions to AVG (Anti Virus) and WebLogExpert (Log Analysis). AVG is a given, and WebLogExpert looks good but I haven't had it running long enough in a live environment to really give it the absolute thumbs up.

Agree with shoemoney

on the two Firefox Extensions - I take them for granted.


Here are three that I use that haven't been mentioned yet:

Xenu - simple program to quickly and easily generate a list of all pages on a site (even huge sites), plus find and fix broken links

CloudMark - Kali mentioned SpamBayes but I can't live without CloudMark.

FireFTP - free, secure, cross-platform FTP client for Firefox

A couple...

Diagnose Duplicate Content. Does about 5 different checks, saves a lot of time.

Gmail Drive Easies way out there to store files securely online.

Delete duplicates tool

Is this about listing our own tools?

Ok, the tools I have made are either very sad or very silly (or a combo), but I may be able to come up with a top three all the same....

Why not?

Why not list your own?

I'll have to list my own so

I'll have to list my own so I'll take a day or so to "name" a few of them first. In the mean time, add the Snoopy class to the list, especially if you fix the broken parts so it's virtually unstoppable without getting incredibilly extreme about it.

Bubblegum wrapper, string and a paperclip - good for seeing who's buying what keywords - good for finding *different dimensions* of keyword relatedness - they put out great data from time to time that's valuable if you're an internet or technology investor

Happy New Year everyone,


My Tools

XML Sitemaps very useful tool for small websites to generate xml sitemaps that can be used on Googles Sitemaps

Spam Detector This tool analyzes a web page, searching for characteristics that search engines could consider spam.

SERP Tool Very effective SERP tool.

i use putty each and every

i use putty each and every day - the shell client that makes windows livable. i still use netstumbler on trips to find strong signals. and not a business tool but the mkw proggie for shorten music files is essential.

happy new year!

Three… and even more

1) To do list
I use heavily Rememberthemilk ( for business purpose.

2) Start page
Netvibes ( of course : very good product and… French ;-)

3) RSS reader
Bloglines ( It is very useful since you can also receive newsletters.

4) Bonus
Google calendar, Google Docs & Spreadsheets…

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